The Late Scholar Zayd al Madkhalee

Author: Fawaaz bin ýAlee Al-Madkhalee
Source: Intro to ýTareeqat-ul-Wusool ilaa Eedaah ath-Thalaathat-il-Usoolý [1]

His Name and Lineage:
He is the noble shaikh and the esteemed scholar, Zayd bin Muhammad bin Haadee Al-Madkhalee.

His Birth and Upbringing:
He was born in a town called Rukoobah in Saudi Arabia in 1357H. This is where he grew up and began his first studies. Afterward, he joined the Salafee School in Saamitah. In 1368H, he came in contact with Shaikh Haafidh Al-Hakamee in Beesh and studied under him along with the other students, who were studying away from home. When the educational institute (maýahad) was opened in Saamitah, he enrolled in it and graduated from it in 1379H/1380H. After this, he enrolled in the College of Shareeýah in Riyadh, where he graduated from in 1383/1384H.

Before graduating, he was appointed as a teacher in the educational institute of Saamitah, where he continued to teach until he retired in 1/7/1417H. He founded the first charitable Salafee Library of Saamitah in 1416H, which contains more than four thousand books. He made it as a service for the students of knowledge who seek shelter in it, coming from every region.

His Role in Da’wah
His gatherings are not devoid of students seeking knowledge from him or people seeking religious verdicts from him. He has an active role in the Daýwah (Call) to Allaah in the district of Jaazaan, as well as during the days of Hajj. His classes are still ongoing ý all praise be to Allaah ý such that both abridged books as well as large works are studied under him.

He is considered the second man in the district of Jaazaan with regard to knowledge, fatwaa, and calling to Allaah (Daýwah) after Shaikh Ahmad bin Yahyaa An-Najmee.[2] May Allaah lengthen both of them in lifespan.

Shaikh Ahmad An-Najmee was asked: ýO Shaikh! What do you say about one who says: ýI donýt recognize Shaikh Zayd Al-Madkhalee or Shaikh Rabeeý Al-Madkhalee. I donýt recognize them to be from the scholars and I wonýt take any knowledge from them. I donýt acknowledge anyone except Shaikh ýAbdul-ýAzeez bin Baaz.ý So how would you respond to this?ý

The Shaikh answered: ýWe ask Allaah to guide this person and to grant him direction, for indeed, Shaikh Rabeeý Al-Madkhalee and Shaikh Zayd Al-Madkhalee ý both of them are from the sincere Salafee scholars. He must acknowledge and be aware of this. And he must not disparage them, because disparaging them means disparaging the Sunnah of Allaahýs Messenger, which they are carrying. We are not saying that they are free from error. However, their methodology is Salafee. So the students of knowledge must read their books and get to know the truth that is in themýý [3]

His Books
He has a strong inclination towards writing. Among his printed books are:

1. Al-Hayaat fee Dhill al-ýAqeedah al-Islaamiyyah [Livelihood in the shade of the Islaamic Creed]
2. Al-Ajwibah as-Sadeedah ýalaa al-Asýilah ar-Rasheedah (v. 1-8) [Answers to Questions in eight volumes]
3. Sharh al-Qaseedah al-Haaýiyah [An Explanation of some poetry from his Shaikh Haafidh Al-Hakamee, rahimahullaah]
4. Al-Afnaan an-Nadiyyah Sharh as-Subul as-Sawiyyah Li-Fiqh as-Sunan al-Marwiyyah (v. 1-7)
5. Al-Manhaj al-Qaweem fee at-Taýsee ýalaa ar-Rasool-il-Kareem
6. Majmooýah Rasaaýil [A Collection of Treatises]
7. Qutoof fee Nuýoot as-Salaf [Selected Characteristics of the Salaf]
8. Al-Irhaab wa Aathaaruhu fil-Afraad wal-Mujtamiýah [Terrorism and its Effects on Individuals and Societies]
9. Al-Mandhoomaat al-Hisaan wad-Deewaan al-Maleeh (1-2)
10. Al-Jahd-ul-Mabýdhool fee Tanweer-il-ýUqool bi-Sharh Mandhoomah Waseelat-il-Husool ilaa Muhimmaat-il-Usool (v. 1-3)
11. Asbaab Istiqaamat-ish-Shabaab wa Bawaaýith Inhiraafihim {Causes for the Uprightness and Deviation of the Youth]
12. Wujoob Sitr-ul-Wajhi wal-Kaffayn [The Obligation of (Women) Covering the Face and Hands] [4]

And there are many other books he has authored. The Shaikh continues to give and call to the Salafee Manhaj. May Allaah bless him and his efforts and prolong his life.



[1] Translatorýs Note: This book is an explanation of Imaam Muhamamd bin ‘Abdil-Wahhaab’s classical treatise, “The Three Fundamental Principles.” The source for this book was classes the Shaikh delivered which were later transcribed and put into a book format.

[2] Translatorýs Note: Shaikh Ahmad An-Najmee is considered one of Shaikh Zayd Al-Madkhaleeýs teachers. His other well-known teachers are Shaikh Haafidh Al-Hakamee and Shaikh Muhammad Amaan Al-Jaamee, may Allaah mercy on them both.

[3] Translatorýs Note: This quote was added to the biography due to itýs benefit. Refer to al-Fataawaa al-Jaleelah of Shaikh Ahmad An-Najmee (pg. 19) for the quote.

[4] Translator’s Note: This beneficial treatise is included in Al-Ibaanah Book Publishing’s 3rd upcoming publication “Three Essays on the Obligation of Veiling.” This individual treatise will also be posted as a downloadable e-book soon, by Allaah’s Will.


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