Abdullah bin Umar


Taken from www.spubs.com , The Salafi College, Benefits from the Prophetic Hadeeths in Aqeedah and Manhaj, (Articles 1-19, Mudhakkirah alHadeeth an Nabawee of Shaikh Rabee)

Also can be found here: http://www.rabee.net/rabee_en/index.aspx Download Prophetic Hadeeth Textbook

  “He is Abdullah bin Umar al-Qurashee al-Adawee. He embraced Islaam early in Makkah with his father. He emigrated when he was 10 years old. He witnessed the battle of Al-Khandaq and the battles which followed it. He was from the foremost and the most distinguished of the Companions. He was strict upon the Sunnah, someone who fled Bid’ah and an advisor to the Ummah. He died in 74 A.H.”


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