Pattern I verbs, فَعَلَ، يَفْعَلُ؛ فَعَلَ، يَفْعُلُ، فَعَلَ، يَفْعِلُ etc

These are 4 of the 6 first forms (thulaathy, mujarrad – 3 letter root, bare).  The other two forms :

فَعِلَ، يَفْعِلُ and فَعُلَ، يَفْعُلُ

are more rare.  You can find an example of these two ( that I did not include below) in the first six forms mentioned in Binaa al Af’aal  (I only included a little of Binaa in that file.  The complete Binaa al Af’aal is here ) and also the verb chart from Madinah Book 3.

This is a helpful link.  The verb charts are my own though.  I organized them the way I did because making charts in this manner made the verb conjugations easy to memorize for me.  I usually do not include dual.


pattern I, type 1-fa’ala, yaf’ulu

pattern I, type 2-fa’ala, yaf’ilu

pattern I, type 3-fa’ala, yaf’alu

pattern I, type 4-fa’ila, yaf’alu


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