Reciters and Recitation

 Shaykh Muhammad bin Hadi (hafidhahullah) was asked, “Is it permissible to listen to the recitation cassettes of the people of innovation?”  So, the Shaykh replied, “By Allaah, it is more befitting that, that is not done, because sometimes his heart may become attached to him, and it was said to Ibn Seereen(by an Innovator), “Can I recite an aayah to you?”, and he said, “No, not even half an aayah”. Why? Because something of amazement with him might fall into his heart, and love of his recitation, and so he loves him from this angle, and thus he becomes a lover of the people of desires and innovations.” [1]

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(juz Amma-Sa’d al Ghaamidee)

Recitation of some of the People of Knowledge:


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