Negative Commands with regular verbs, 2nd person

The negative command for the 2nd person in mujarrad (bare) verbs is formed by doing two things:

لا.1 is put in front of the 2nd person present tense conjugation of the verb

2.The verb becomes majzoom (this will be explained).

Let’s look at the 2nd person present tense:

تَدْرُسُ you ( are studying

تَدْرُسِيْنَ you ( are studying

تَدْرُسُوْنَ you ( are studying

تَدْرُسْنَ you ( are studying

Now, to make these conjugations majzoom, we will change them in the following ways:

  1. dammah becomes sukoon:تَدْرُسْ
  2. drops the noon:تَدْرُسِيْ
  3. drops the noonتَدْرُسُوا
  4. does not changeتَدْرُسْنَ

Now let’s put the two together.

لا تَدْرُسْ Don’t study! (for

لا تَدْرُسِيْ Don’t study! (for

لا تَدْرُسُوا Don’t study! (for

لا تَدْرُسْنَ Don’t study! (for

We do the same to regular mazeed (increased) verbs. Examples of wazn II:

لا تُعَلِّمْ Don’t teach! (

لا تُعَلِّمِيْ Don’t teach! (

لا تُعَلِّمُوا Don’t teach! (

لا تُعَلِّمْنَ Don’t teach! (

Examples of wazn III:

لا تُسَافِرْ Don’t travel! (

لا تُسَافِرِيْ Don’t travel! (

لا تُسَافِرُوا Don’t travel! (

لا تُسَافِرْنَ Don’t travel! (

Also see Madinah Book 2 chapter 15


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