Negating the past and present tense


To express a negation in the past tense, put ما in front of the past tense verb. Examples:

مَا فَعَلْتُ شيْئاً I did not do anything

ما أكَلْتَ شَيْئاً You ( did not eat anything

ما كَسَرَ شَيْئاً He did not break anything

To express a negation in the present tense, put لا in front of the present tense verb (the ending of the verb does not change in this case). Examples

لا أفْهَمُ I don’t understand

لا اُرِيْدُ I don’t want

لا ألْعَبُ I don’t play

Sometimes ما is used with the present tense. Example:

ما يَنبَغِي لهم و ما يَسْتَطِعُونَ

And the devils have not brought it (the Qur’an) down, it does not befit them to do so and additionally they do not have the ability” 26:210-211 from the Qur’an


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