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Here are lectures from his website:


Question from Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee to Shaikh Fawzaan regarding the dawah of Imam ibn Abdil Wahhaab (5 min)!lJgA0DJB!ufKpF8LHs_ucSfvey1Sx8mnwh4_UZ-QNN_Y2HGrLZws



A jumuah khutbah from early 2012 about the two testimonies (shahadataan) and their meaning:




Warning from Hadaadiyyah (extremists)


The Difference Hasad (Envy) and Ghibtah (Jealousy)


When the ignorant speak about the fitnah, it increases the fitnah


Ruling by Secular Laws and Rebuttal of the People of Takfir

Read what he said, then at 4:30 a question is posed to Shaikh Fawzaan (i.e.this is when the talking starts)


The intentions are that which distinguish between showing off and other than that


The virtue of calling to Allah:


It is not allowed to praise the innovator (audio and written translation):


Also, go to and enter: fawzan


This includes many audios by Shaikh Fawzaan along with translation.  Topics include:

Are there Islamic nasheed?

Seeking help from the Jinn – What is the ruling?

Refutations of the Scholars are necessary

The High Divorce rate

(and more)





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