The Living Scholar Taariq as-Subayee

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Shaykh Taariq ibn Husayn as-Subay’ee is one of the noble scholars of Kuwait.

Amongst his teachers are ash-Shaykh al-Imaam ‘Abdul-‘Azeez ibn ‘Abdullaah ibn Baaz and Shaikh Muhammad Amaan bin ‘Alee Al-Jaamee rahimahumullah. The Shaykh lived and studied in Makkah, close to ash-Shaykh Rabee’ ibn Haadee al-Madkhalee, for twenty years before returning to Kuwait at the request of his mother.

The shaykh is not known to do tele-link lectures and classes, but his classes are extremely beneficial for those who are present in Kuwait.

One of the noble students of Shaykh Taariq is ash-Shaykh Aboo ‘Uthmaan Muhammad al-Anjaree, who also resides in Kuwait. Shaykh Muhammad al-Anjaree is also the brother-in-law of ash-Shaykh Taariq as-Subay’ee. In addition, Shaykh Taariq’s younger brother, ash-Shaykh Ahmed ibn Husayn as-Subay’ee, is also one of the noble scholars of Kuwait.

According to ash-Shaykh al-Anjaree, Shaykh Taariq as-Subay’ee is the most knowledgeable of the scholars of Kuwait. ash-Shaykh al-Anjaree has also praised ash-Shaykh Taariq as-Subay’ee by saying that Kuwait has not seen the likes of Shaykh Taariq. From that which shows the status and position of ash-Shaykh Taariq as-Subay’ee is that Shaykh al-Anjaree will not give a dars if Shaykh Taariq is giving a dars, in order to give preference to ash-Shaykh Taariq.

And ash-Shaykh Ahmed ibn ‘Umar Baazmool, who is a teacher at Daar-ul-Hadeeth al-Khayriyyah in Makkah, and has studied with some of the scholars of Makkah such as Shaykh Muhammad ‘Alee ibn Aadam at-Ityoobee and Shaykh Muhammad as-Subayyal, has praised ash-Shaykh Taariq as-Subay’ee by calling him the Salafee ‘Aalim in Kuwait and he also advised the students of knowledge to gain knowledge from ash-Shaykh Taariq.

May Allaah preserve the shaykh and the other scholars of Kuwait, and make them a benefit for this Ummah and a guidance for it.

sources: Ahlus Sunnah Publications’ website and the introduction of Br. Aboo Khadeejah in the tape “We are upon clarity” by Shaykh Al-Anjaree.

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I hope some of the brothers in Kuwait can add more details to this like when was the Shaykh born, some more details about who he studied with, etc.

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