Some Useful Commands from Thulaathee Mujarrad Verbs

The 2nd person masculine singular command generally takes a sukoon on the last letter. Ex: اِجْلِسْ (You

The 2nd person feminine singular command has a yaa attached to it. Ex: اِجْلِسِيْ (You

The 2nd person masculine plural generally has a wow and alif attached to the last letter. Ex.: اِجْلِسُوا (You

The 2nd person feminine plural has a noon attached to it. Ex: اِجْلِسْنَ (You

This chart is for thulaathee mujarrad regular verbs

اِفْعَلِيْ اِفْعَلْ اِجْلِسِيْ اِجْلِسْ
اِفْعَلْنَ اِفْعَلُوا اِجْلِسْنَ اِجْلِسُوا
Do! Sit up!
اُسْكُتِيْ اُسْكُتْ اِذهَبِيْ اِذْهَبْ
اُسْكُتْنَ اُسْكُتُوا اِذْهَبْنَ اِذْهَبُوا
Be quiet! Go!
اِفْتَحِيْ اِفْتَحْ اُخْرُجِيْ اُخْرُجْ
اِفْتَحْنَ اِفْتَحُوا اُخْرُجْنَ اُخْرُجُوا
Open! Leave/Exit!
اِعْلَمِيْ اِعْلَمْ اُقْعُدِيْ اُقْعُدْ
اِعْلَمْنَ اِعْلَمُوا اُقْعُدْنَ اُقْعُدُوا
Know! Sit down!
اُدْرُسِيْ اُدْرُسْ اِقْرَئِيْ اِقْرَأْ
اُدْرُسْنَ اُدْرُسُوا اِقْرَأَنَ اِقْرَؤُوا
Study! Read/Recite!
اِحْفَظِيْ اِحْفَظْ اُكْتُبِيْ اُكْتُبْ
اِحْفَظْنَ اِحْفَظُوا اُكْتُبْنَ اُكْتُبُوا
Memorize Write!
اِغْسِليْ اِغْسِل اِصْبِرِي اِصبِرْ
اِغْسِلْنَ اِغْسِلُوا اِصْبِرْنَ اِصْبِرُوا
Wash! Be patient!
اِخْلَعِيْ اِخْلَعْ اِلْبَسِيْ اِلْبَسْ
اِخْلَعْنَ اِخْلَعُوا اِلْبَسْنَ اِلْبَسُوا
Take off! Put on/Wear!
اُدْخُلِيْ اُدْخُلْ اِنْزِلِي اِنْزِلْ
اُدْخُلْنَ اُدْخُلُوا اِنْزِلْنَ اِنْزِلُوا
Enter! Get down!
اُنْظُرِي اُنْظُرْ اِشْرَبِي اِشْرَبْ
اُنْظُرْنَ اُنْظُرُوا اِشْرَبْنَ اِشْرَبُوا
Look! Drink!
مُرِي مُرْ خُذِيْ1 خُذْ
مُرْنَ مُرُوا خُذْنَ خُذُوا
Command! Take!
هاتِ كُلِي كُلْ
Bring!2 كُلْنَ كُلُوا

This chart is for thulaathee mujarrad irregular verbs3 – weak middle letter

تُوْبِيْ تُبْ قُوْلِيْ قُلْ
تُبْنَ تُوْبُوا قُلْنَ قُوْلُوْا
Repent! Say!
قُوْمِيْ قُمْ كُوْنِيْ كُنْ
قُمْنَ قُوْمُوا كُنَّ4 كُوْنُوا
Stand! Be!
سِيْرِيْ سِرْ بِيْعِيْ بِعْ
سِرْنَ سِيْرُوا بِعْنَ بِيْعُوا
Travel/Go! Sell!
نَامِيْ نَمْ نَالِيْ نَلْ
نَمْنَ نَامُوا نَلْنَ نَالُوا
Sleep Obtain!

This chart is for thulathee mujarrad irregular verbs5 – double letter

صُبِّيْ صُبَّ اِسْحَبِي اِسْحَبْ
صُبَبْنَ صُبُّوا اِسْحَبْنَ اِسْحَبُوا
Pour! Pull!
رُدِّيْ رُدَّ عُدِّيْ عُدَّ
رُدَدْنَ رُدُّوا عُدَدْنَ عُدُّوا
Reply/Reject! Count!
مَسِّيْ مَسَّ شَمِّيْ شَمَّ
مَسَسْنَ مَسُّوا شَمَمْنَ شَمُّوا
Touch! Smell!

The masculine singular commands in the above chart should have a fat-hah over the double letter

This chart is for thulaathee mujarrad irregular verbs6 – weak first letter

قِفِيْ قِفْ جِدِيْ جِدْ
قِفْنَ قِفُوا جِدْنَ جِدُوا
Stop! Find!
صِلِيْ صِلْ ضَعِيْ ضَعْ
صِلْنَ صِلُوا ضَعْنَ ضَعُوا
Connect! Put!
قِيْ قِ7 زِنِيْ زِنْ
قِيْنَ قُوا زِنَّ زِنُوا
Save! Weigh!

This chart is for thulaathee mujarrad verbs8 – weak end letter

اِكْوِيْ اِكْوِ اِمْشِيْ اِمْشِ
اِكْوِيْنَ اِكْوُوا اِمْشِيْنَ اِمْشُوا
Iron! Walk!
اِرْمِيْ اِرْمِ اِطْوِيْ اِطْوِ
اِرْمِيْنَ اِرْمُوا اِطْوِيْنَ اِطْوُوا
Throw! Fold!
اُمْحِيْ اُمْحُ اُدْعِيْ اُدْعُ
اُمْحِيْنَ اُمْحُوا اُدْعِيْنَ اُدْعُوا
Erase! Invite/Call!
اِخْشَيْ اِخْشَ اِنْسَيْ اِنْسَ
اِخْشَيْنَ اِخْشَوا اِنْسَيْنَ اِنْسَوا
Fear! Forget

1These 3 verbs are from mahmooz- verbs that have hamzah as a root letter – أخذ and أمر and أكل

2This is a special type of verb, it doesnt have a present tense

3Most verbs taken from Madinah Book 2 chapter 27


4Not to be confused with كنّا (with alif) which means “we were”

5Taken from Madinah Book 2 chapter 29


6 Verbs taken from Madinah Book 2 chapter 26


7From the verb وَقَى which is technically called lafeef- it has two weak letters

8Taken from Madinah Book 2 chapter 28


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