Knowledge Comes Before Statements and Actions



العِلْمُ قَبْلَ القَوْلِ وَ العَمَلِ


Knowledge comes before statements and actions


لِقَوْلِ اللهِ تَعَالَى: {فاعلم أنه لا إله إلا الله} (محمد ١٩)ا


The proof is the statement of Allah, The Most High (translated): ‘So KNOW (have knowledge!) that none deserves to be worshiped except for Allah…” (47:19)


فَبَدَأَ بِالعِلْم


So He began with knowledge…


صحيحُ البخاري، كتابُ العلم، الباب العَاشعِر


Saheeh Bukhari, Book of Knowledge, 10th chapter



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