Past tense thulaathee mujarrad saalim

 Past tense for thulaathee (three letter root ) mujarrad (bare) saalim (regular) verbs

We studied دَرَسْنَا   I studied دَرَسْتُ
You ( studied دَرَسْتُم   You ( studied دَرَسْتَ
You ( studied دَرَسْتُنَّ   You ( studied دَرَسْتِ
They (m) studied دَرَسُوا   He studied دَرَسَ
They (f) studied دَرَسْنَ   She studied دَرَسَتْ

Now practice conjugating in the Past tense for the following verbs:

To break كَسَرَ   To understand (also he understood) فَهِمَ
To leave خَرَجَ   To hear سَمِعَ
To worship عَبَدَ   To go ذَهَبَ
To prostrate سَجَدَ   To eat أَكَلَ
To wash غَسَلَ   To drink شَرِبَ
To attend حَضَرَ   To do فَعَلَ

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