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Verbs and Vocabulary

May 12, 2011


Audio lectures from Ummul Qurraa

May 10, 2011

Audio lectures from Ummul Qurra

Sitting with some living Scholars April 2011

May 5, 2011


Sitting with Sheikh Zayd Bin Haadi Al-Madhkhali and Sheikh ‘Ubayd Al-Jaabiri

28th April 2011 – 24/5/1432

(Translated by Abdulilah Lahmami)



Over 500 students attended this gathering in Madinah mashaallaah and other scholars such as Sheikh Muhammad bin Haadi al-Madhkhali , Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rabee’ Bin Haadi.


The night began with Sheikh Muhammad Bin Haadi chairing and introducing the scholars present in particular the guest Sheikh Zayd Bin Haadi Al-Madhkhali (may Allaah protect him) and he called him father, our teacher, Al-‘Alaama Sheikh Zayd the flag bearer of Sunnah and fatwa after the mujaahid, the scholar Sheikh Ahmed Najmi rahimahullaah.

Sheikh Muhammad Bin Haadi said: this gathering reminds me of the sittings between the scholars that are mentioned in the books of the scholars’ biographies whereby the scholars would clarify the correct path and warn against the ignorant ones, the false story tellers. The scholars would take from the inheritance for the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam with the correct understanding and would uncover those with the false understanding.

Sheikh Zayd began by praising Allaah and sending peace and blessings upon the Messenger sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam and prayers upon his family and companions. And then Sheikh Zayd said:


As I said yesterday in the lesson in Masjid Bani Salima (qiblatain) that when Sheikh Muhammad Bin Haadi praises me it is only out of his love (the sheikh did not like to be praised even though he deserves to be praised for his efforts in the da’wah and teaching people good mashaallaah and we do not praise him above Allaah’s praise and Allaah is his reckoner).


Sheikh Zayd also commented that questions should be passed onto Sheikh ‘Ubayd Al-Jaabiri  (who sat beside him) but Sheikh ‘Ubayd only took one question as he said that Sheikh Zayd came from a long distance and it was his right as a guest for the people to benefit from. Mashaallaah this evening, it was clear and apparent, the love of the scholars had for each other alhamdulillaah and indeed with Allaah is success.


Then Sheikh Zayd spoke about the best sittings upon the earth are the sittings of remembering Allaah in its general sense which includes learning correct knowledge from the people of knowledge so these sittings are not restricted to just praising and extolling Allaah but he said from the best remembrance is to learn the legislation of Allaah for indeed Allaah has promised them a great reward.


He went on to say:


وَالذَّاكِرِينَ اللَّهَ كَثِيرًا وَالذَّاكِرَاتِ أَعَدَّ اللَّهُ لَهُمْ مَغْفِرَةً وَأَجْرًا عَظِيمًا

The ones who remembers Allaah much male and female Allaah has prepared for them forgiveness and a great reward.


Even learning the tools (Arabic etc) to help you learn the legislation of Allaah is considered from the sittings of remembering Allaah with the correct intention. Every good word is charity and every correct word that the people learn in the legislation is a means of getting closer to Allaah.


This is the best thing for the children of Adam, the person puts forward good speech that is recorded in his record of good deeds. So the believer strives to save his neck from the hellfire such that no time passes except he uses it in that which is fruitful since life is short. The key to all good is that you gain knowledge from the scholars upon sincerity.


This doesn’t mean that you leave striving to work for a living to clothe and feed yourself and your family but your noble concern should be to gain legislated knowledge, to practise it and then to propagate it.


ثُمَّ أَوْرَثْنَا الْكِتَابَ الَّذِينَ اصْطَفَيْنَا مِنْ عِبَادِنَا فَمِنْهُمْ ظَالِمٌ لِنَفْسِهِ وَمِنْهُمْ مُقْتَصِدٌ وَمِنْهُمْ سَابِقٌ بِالْخَيْرَاتِ بِإِذْنِ اللَّهِ ذَلِكَ هُوَ الْفَضْلُ الْكَبِيرُ جَنَّاتُ عَدْنٍ يَدْخُلُونَهَا

الآية [فاطر:32 ، 33].


Then We gave the Book the Qur’ân) for inheritance to such of Our slaves whom We chose (the followers of Muhammad SAW). Then of them are some who wrong their ownselves, and of them are some who follow a middle course, and of them are some who are, by Allâh’s Leave, foremost in good deeds. That (inheritance of the Qur’ân), that is indeed a great grace. ‘Adn (Eden) Paradise (everlasting Gardens) will they enter, therein will they be adorned with bracelets of gold and pearls, and their garments there will be of silk (i.e. in Paradise). (Fatir 35:32 & 33)


He continued:


This life has a beginning and an end, likewise the Barzakh period (from when you die to when you are raised up) has a beginning and an end but when you are raised up in the hereafter there is a beginning but no end, either paradise or a grievous punishment.

The slave of Allaah should continue to ask Allaah that He aids him to have good deeds being truthful and in accordance with the Sunnah of the Messenger sallaallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam.

Strive to learn the Book of Allaah from the people of knowledge, to learn to recite it correctly and ponder over its meaning deriving the rules and regulations and contemplating over the Verses of warning of His punishment and encouragement to do good, read the stories of the Qur’an and the Sunnah, both are revelation from Allaah.


Learn this blessed path upon the understanding of the pious predecessors for indeed Allaah has left us upon a clear way, its night is like its day none strays from it except that he is destroyed…


Then after answering some questions about the ones who have two faces, Sheikh Zayd mentioned that first and foremost they are to be advised to keep away from this evil trait for this is the way of the hypocrites and if they persist upon that then they are to be left and to be made known.


Then Sheikh Muhammad asked for Sheikh ‘Ubayd al Jaabiri to take part in answering the question that some people say that Jarh wa Ta’deel (the science of criticism and praise) that it deadens the heart?!


Sheikh ‘Ubayd clarified that this science is not just about the issue concerning hadeeth and its authenticity but also the criticism and praise of others in the area of da’wah even in the area of marriage if an individual were to come to ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage then you would have to ask about that individual. Even if he is known to pray in the mosque but has been known to marry and then divorce, marry and then divorce, repeatedly oppressing his wives then you would not accept him to marry your daughter. So, many will be faced with these issues especially the importance of warning against the innovators to preserve the deen of Allaah. However, when it comes to Ahlu Sunnah then the mistake is rejected and the honour of the scholar is kept for the scholars of Ahlu Sunnah are not to be treated like the people of innovation and desires. The sheikh went on to mention the false principle of the Ikhwaan al Muslimeen who excuse others even if they errs in ‘Aqeeedah without correcting them.


This is just a summary of some of the benefits last night mashaallaah and I pray this is of benefit to those who were not present and next week insha Allah Sheikh Rabee’ will visit Madinah.