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The Late Scholar Abdus Salaam bin Burjis

July 31, 2011

These are just some brief points taken from here: about the Shaikh – rahimahullah

He is Abu Abdir Rahman ‘Abdus Salaam bin Burjis bin Naasir Aal ‘Abdil Kareem

He was born in Riyadh in 1387 Hijree

His parents raised him in a religion and pious house

From his childhood he was intelligent, judicious, serious and hard-working

He completed his memorization of the Qur’an and began seeking knowledge at the age of 13

Some of the Scholars he studied under:

Shaikh Bin Baz

Shaikh Uthaymeen

Shaikh Ghudyaan

He graduated from the College of the Shari’ah (Muhammad bin Sa’ood University) in 1410

After graduation he was appointed as a teacher in the Institute of Knowledge in Quwayiyyah (a province 170 km west of Riyadh on the way to Makkah)

He then joined the Institute for Higher Learning and earned his Masters

Then he was appointed a judge in the Department of Justice, but he sought to be exempted. He was exempted after great effort

Then he was appointed to the Bureau of Grievances in Jeddah but he only stayed there a week before desiring to leave

He returned to Riyadh as a lecturer at the Institute for Higher Learning and completed his doctorate in 1422

He was an expert poet

He was an eloquent writer who authored many works which are listed (compiled by the one writing his biography – what he knew from the Shaikh, whether it was published or unpublished)

He died 1425 (2004 CE)

He was known in Saudi to the scholars, many of whom came to his funeral

Some of the scholars said about him لقد فاق علم الشيخ عبد العزيز سنه

“Indeed Shaikh Abdul Azeez’s knowledge exceeded his age” (i.e. he was extremely knowledgeable for his age)

and لو عُمر لكان آية “If he had been granted a long life, he would have become an Ayah (tremendously knowledgeable)”

He defended the sunnah with his pen, wealth and self


Madinah Book 1 Proficiency Test

July 21, 2011

Madinah Book 1 Proficiency Test

Vocabulary Test may be found here: