How to Love Each Other for Allah’s Sake, and a Severe Warning – Shaikh Uthaymeen

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Q: Baarakallahu feekum. This questioner says – Honorable Shaikh, how can we have love of each other for the Sake of Allah, I would like to benefit from you.

A: (Shaikh Uthaymeen): Love for the Sake of Allah is actualized by you loving a man because he is a righteous worshiper of Allah1, not because he is your relative, or he has wealth or because he is handsome, etc. Only love (a man) for his deen and his taqwaa-this is loving for the Sake of Allah. And in this situation, you will find that both of you help each other upon the obedience to Allah. And it has been established in an authentic hadeeth from Abu Hurairah – radiallahu anhu – from the Prophet – sallallahu alayhe wa alaa aalihi wa sallam – who said (translated):

“ ‘There are seven whom Allah will shade with His shade on the Day when there will be no shade except for His shade (i.e. shade which He creates2): (1) a just leader, (2) a child raised in the worship of Allah, (3) the man whose heart is attached to the Masaajid, (4) two men who love each other for the Sake of Allah, they meet for His Sake and part for His Sake, (5) a man who is called (to commit fornication or adultery) by a women possessing noble lineage and beauty, but he (does not do it and) says ‘Indeed I fear Allah’, (6) a man who gives charity and hides (the fact that he is giving in charity) until his left hand does not know what his right hand has spent, (7) a man who, when he is alone and he remembers Allah, his eyes overflow (with tears). The point of benefit here is his (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) statement: ‘two men who love each other for the Sake of Allah, they meet for His Sake and part for His Sake’.

“But I want to warn with a tremendous warning – especially the women – that this love for the Sake of Allah does not become loving (someone) along with Allah. Because some of the people exceed the bounds in their loving their brother for the Sake of Allah, or a woman will exaggerate in loving her sister for the Sake of Allah until love for this person in her heart or in the man’s heart becomes greater than their love for Allah. Because this person is always in his heart, and is always the one he remembers. If he goes to sleep, he goes to sleep remembering him, and if he wakes up, he wakes up remembering him. And if he goes or returns, he remembers him. So his remembrance of him makes him forget the remembrance of Allah – Mighty and Exalted is He. This is shirk in love. Allah, The Most High, said (translated): ‘And of mankind are those who take rivals along with Allah; they love them as much as they love Allah…’ (2:165)…From this affair is that a woman will love her colleague or her teacher with a severe love that takes over her heart, thoughts, and mind until she is the one who is always on her mind.

“And she forgets, because of her remembrance of her, remembrance of Allah. This is a mistake and is dangerous. What is obligatory on the one who falls into this illness is that he tries to cure it as much as he’s able…The cure is that firstly, he remembers that love for Allah, The Most High, comes before everything else and he turns his heart to loving Allah. And from the things which strengthen the love for Allah in the heart of the servant is continually remembering Allah, reciting (or reading) the Qur’an a lot, doing good deeds, and staying away from the cravings and desires of the soul. Secondly, that he stays away somewhat from the one whom love for him in his heart reached such a level. He stays away from him somewhat and occupies himself with something else. If that doesn’t help, then he stays away from him. Lastly, he cuts ties with him until this love calms down, this enthusiasm (of emotion) is removed and becomes tranquil, and then his love returns to the normal love. Because of numerous complaints about this, I wanted to bring attention to not letting love for the sake of Allah increase so that it turns into loving (someone ) along with Allah because this is a type of shirk in love.

1Translator’s Footnote – meaning he is following the Sunnah on the understanding of the Salaf. Read excellent article here:

2 Shaikh Uthaymeen said in his explanation of Aqeedatul Waasitiyyah (2/136) (published by Dar Ibn al Jawzee):

“And his statement: ‘There will be no shade except for His shade…’; means – No shade except for the shade which He creates. And it is not as some people think – that it is the shade of the Dhaat of The Lord, Mighty and Exalted is He. Indeed this (thought) is falsehood, and it necessitates that the sun, in that case, is above Allah, Mighty and Exalted is He. In the dunya, we build things which shade us. But on the Day of Judgement, there will be no shade except for the shade which He – Exalted and Perfect is He – creates, to shade with (this shade) whomever He wills from His servants.” (translated from a post on )

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