The one who reads the biographies of the Sahabah needs to be careful…

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Shaikh Uthaymeen – rahimahullah – said:

The one who reads the biographies of the Sahabah – Allah be pleased with them – needs to be careful.  That’s because enemies of the Sahabah appeared after them – from them being the Khawarij1 and Raafidhah2. So people should be careful about (accepting without knowing if it is true or not) what is transmitted about the Sahabah – Allah be pleased with them.  And indeed Shaikhul Islam (Ibn Taymiyyah) – rahimahullah – mentioned in al Aqeedatul Waasitiyyah – this blessed creed – he mentioned what happened amongst the Sahabah from fitan (afflictions/trials) and that what took place was forgiven and obscure compared to their excellent virtues.”

Sharh as-Saffaareeniyyah, Tape 27, side 1

1Shaikh Fawzaan said: “…And this is the manhaj of the Khawaarij, it comprises of three aspects: Firstly – Takfeer of the Muslims. Secondly – Disobedience to the ruler. Thirdly – Making permissible the blood of the Muslims…” from

2For Shaikhul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah’s description of the Raafidhah, go here:

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