The Sunnah is Revelation

Imam as-Sa’dee explained these two verses (translated): “And he (Muhammad – sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) does not speak from his own desire, it is only revelation that is revealed (to him)” (53:3-4)

“’And he does not speak from his own desire,’ meaning: his speech does not come from the desires of his ownself.

“’It is only revelation that is revealed (to him),’ meaning: he doesn’t follow anything except what Allah revealed to him from the guidance and taqwa…And this shows that the Sunnah is revelation from Allah to His Messenger – sallallahu alayhe wa sallam – as He, The Most High, said (translated): ‘And Allah sent down to you the Book (i.e. Qur’an) and the Hikmah (i.e. Sunnah)’ (4:113)

“And (it means) that he is ma’soom1 in what he informs about Allah, The Most High and His Legislation – because his speech doesn’t come from desires, it only comes from revelation that is revealed (from Allah).”

Taken from Tafseer as-Sa’dee (Arabic) on  of 53:3-4

1 Protected by Allah from making mistakes in the religion – and all prophets had this protection

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