King Abdul Azeez University English Language Institute –



Job page http://www.kau.edu.sa/Content.aspx?Site_ID=126&lng=EN&cid=9427 (men and women)





King Sa’ud University in Riyadh – http://ksu.edu.sa/Pages/default.aspx


Contact page (bottom) http://ksu.edu.sa/AboutKSU/Pages/Contactus_old.aspx





Princess Noura University in Riyadh – http://www.pnu.edu.sa/en/Pages/Home.aspx






Prince Sultan University  in Riyadh  – http://www.psu.edu.sa/colleges/psu/


Jobs page – http://www.psu.edu.sa/colleges/psu/Career.aspx (men and women)





Taibah University in Madinah – http://www.taibahu.edu.sa/cms/Default.aspx?ln=en


Jobs page – http://www.taibahu.edu.sa/cms/pages.aspx?SId=3748&ln=en





University of Haa’il in Haa’il – http://www.uoh.edu.sa/sites/en/Pages/default.aspx


Job links and application form are at bottom of the page but are in Arabic





Ummul Quraa in Makkah – http://uqu.edu.sa/english


Contact email for sending CV  http://uqu.edu.sa/page/en/655






Yamamah University Riyadh


Jobs page – http://eslus.com/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=473&Itemid=117 (men and women)



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