Is there sin on the one who does not reject backbiting that takes place in her presence?

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Question: I am a woman who, because of the Bounty and Favor Allah bestows upon me, performs the deeds made obligatory by her Lord.  And I do whatever (acts) I am able from the Sunnah.  But I found a problem when sitting with the women.  We all know what happens in the sittings of women from backbiting and tale-carrying.  Sometimes the circumstances of my home life make it necessary to sit with them.  So sometimes you see me and I am not pleased with their backbiting and tale-carrying among themselves.  And I advise them.  But sometimes either I forget or I find I am unable to (advise), or I am tired from giving so much advice so I am quiet – I don’t participate, but I don’t reject (their actions).  So is there a sin upon me for that?


Answer (Shaikh Bin Baz): Yes, there is a sin upon you. When you sit with them and do not reject (their actions) there is a sin on you.  Stand up to them.  Reject their backbiting and tale-carrying and other than that from sins.  So if they respond and obey then all the praise and thanks are for Allah, the objective has been achieved.  But if they refuse and continue then leave them.  Allah, Lofty and Exalted is He, says (translated): “…then after the remembrance, do not sit with the people who are wrongdoers.” (6:68)

What is meant is that He, Lofty and Exalted is He, has commanded the one who sits with the people, then they speak vain speech about falsehood, that (such a one) gets up and leaves them if they do not obey.  So in short, it is upon you to reject the munkar (those evil deeds which should be rejected), and that you order with the good. So if the people respond and obey then all the praises and thanks are for Allah. And if they do not, then leave that place due to His – and He is Perfect – saying (translated): “…then after the remembrance, do not sit with the people who are wrongdoers.” (6:68)”

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