The Prohibition of Curing Magic by using Magic – Ibnul Qayyim







قال ابن القيم في فتاوى إمام المفتين” (ص207، 20 : ” والنشرة حل السحر عن المسحور ، وهي نوعان : حل سحر بسحر مثله ، وهو الذي من عمل الشيطان ، فإن السحر من عمله ، فيتقرب إليه الناشر والمنتشر بما يحب ، فيبطل عمله عن المسحور . والثاني : النشرة بالرقية والتعوذات والدعوات والأدوية المباحة ، فهذا جائز ، بل مستحب انتهى .

Ibnul Qayyim said in Fataawaa Imaamul Muftiyeen (p.207):


And “An-Nushrah” is to remove magic from the bewitched one.  And it is of two types:


(1) Removing the magic using magic – and this is from the work of shaytaan since magic is from his actions1. So the one doing the nushrah and the one the nushrah is being done to get closer to him (shaytaan) by doing what he loves so that he (shaytaan) will cease his actions towards the bewitched one.


(2)An-Nushrah by using Ruqyah2 and (reciting) the Ta’awwudhaat3 and dua and permissible medicines.  So this is permissible, on top of that it is recommended


Translated by Ummu Khadijah






1 The Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) was asked about “an-nushrah” and he said: هي من عمل الشيطان

collected by Imam Ahmad with a good chain

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