The word “Salafee” separates the people – Shaikh Saalih al Fawzaan

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Question: Some of the callers (du’aat) – (we ask that) Allaah guide them – say: “The word ‘Salafee’ separates the people, so do not say, ‘I am Salafee’…”

Answer (Shaikh Saalih al Fawzaan): Yes, yes, the word “Salafee” does separate the people.  It separates (i.e. distinguishes) the Salafees from the innovators and the people of misguidance, all the praise is due to Allaah alone.

This is a distinguishing trait – that a person is on the way (madh-hab) of the Salaf.

“And I have followed the religion of my forefathers – Ibraheem, Is’haaq and Ya’qoob[1] – we could never worship anyone or anything along with Allaah.” (12:38)

Following the Salaf upon tawheed and upon the correct beliefs (aqeedah) – this is an honor, and this is praiseworthy, so we take pride in that.  And we ask Allaah that He puts us upon the path of the Salaf and that He keeps us firm upon it.

We call the people to the way of the Salaf, to the correct beliefs.  If they respond (and follow the way of the Salaf), then all the praise is for Allaah alone.

We don’t gather the people.[2]  So if they separate from us, then this is what they have chosen for themselves.


[1] The Prophets: Abrahaam, Isaac and Jacob

[2] We unite the people upon the truth by calling them to what is correct with regards to all matters, but we do not act like the misguided ones who just want to gather a large number of bodies together – with their varying beliefs – so that their bodies are all in one place but their hearts are divided because no one is calling them to the correct beliefs nor rectifying their mistakes.  As for Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaa’ah, the Salafees, although our bodies are in different places all over the world, our hearts are united upon the correct aqeedah (beliefs) and manhaj (way of understanding and implementing the Quran and Sunnah)


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