Stories of the Prophets of Imam as-Sa’dee

I finished translating these over a year ago.  Imaam as-Sa’dee in his book قصص الأنبياء would narrate a story of one of the Prophets and then mention some benefits taken from the story.  I do not include the benefits after the stories because the brother Hasan as-Somali was translating them from the book: مصابيح الضياء which, as I understand it, was a compilation of the benefits from Qasasul Anbiyaa and Allaah knows best. So in summary, Qasasul Anbiyaa of Imaam as-Sa’dee included his narration of the stories of the Prophets as well as benefits, but I only include those stories below.  The brother Abdulillaah Lahmami also reads and translates these stories here:


Imaam as-Sa’dee also included the story of the people of the cave and Dhul Qarnain and Khidr – who were not Prophets. I am posting my previously completed translation for those who wish to use them for homeschooling or educational purposes and find reading an easier means of absorbing the information. Brother Abdullaah Lahmami’s translation will be better because his knowledge of Arabic is better.

Whichever translation you use, please reference the book: Qasas al Anbiyaa (Stories of the Prophets), the author: Imaam as-Sa’dee, and the translator (for the files BELOW that is me: Ummu Khadijah). The footnotes in the files below are mine.

intro, story of adam, nuh, hud, saalih


ibraheem, lut, shu’ayb, musa, yunus


dawood and sulayman, ayyub, musa and khidr, dhul qarnain


esa bin maryam, yusuf and ya’qoob, companions of the cave


The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him):

muhammad 2






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