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Whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted (by God) from him

November 18, 2014

An excellent, clear Arabic lecture by the living scholar Sulayman Ruhaylee

The Shaikh and the topic are introduced by another brother.  The Shaikh begins speaking at 3:45!dYxCiR5Y!fRaZ8k66yQIUDI8jy-hPM72UeJ0qKNZjCi_6L1ooY_k

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The Rewards and Benefits of Monotheism (Tawheed) and the statement: None deserves to be worshiped except for Allaah (God, The Creator)



Warning from terrorists and terrorism


The Big Bang Theory – Refuted by Shaikh Saalih asSindee

April 16, 2014

A Must Read!



The Scholars discuss Shaikh Uthaymeen’s stances and statements on various important issues

October 21, 2013



The following two links were used in the preparation of this brief article:

(from which the audio can be listened to and downloaded)



This is a meeting of the following Scholars:


Khaalid bin AbdurRahmaan bin Zakee (al Misree)


Ahmad bin Husain as-Subayee


Ahmad bin Umar Bazmool


Abul Abbaas Aadil Mansoor


Muhammad bin Uthmaan al Anjaree


To discuss and answer questions about Shaikh Uthaymeen’s stances and statements regarding certain statements and doubts that the people of innovations and desires bring for example:


What did he say about Shaikh Albaanee (and the accusation of Irjaa against him)?


What did he say about Shaikh Rabee?


Is Jarh and Ta’deel dead?


And they discuss his statements about the conditions of jihaad…


And much more.


The audio is almost two hours long, but very clear and extremely beneficial.











Audio lectures of the ulama

March 16, 2012

This is not a comprehensive list of scholars and their websites. And there are also sites with audios of the ulama like – . Additionally, some of the scholars websites were under construction. Some websites require real player, some windows media player.

Shaikh Albaanee



Shaikh Bin Baz



Shaikh Uthaymeen



Shaikh Muqbil



Shaikh Saalih Fawzaan



Shaikh Saalih Suhaymee



Shaikh Abdul Muhsin al Abbad (al Badr)



Shaikh Abdur Razzaq bin Abdul Muhsin al Abbad al Badr



Shaikh Abdus Salaam bin Burjis



Shaikh Maahir Qahtaani



Shaikh Ali Firkous



Shaikh Ali Haddaadi



Shaikh Saalih Luhaydaan



Shaikh Zaid al Madkhalee



Shaikh Rabee al Madkhalee



Shaikh Muhammad Saeed Raslan



Shaikh Muhammad al Imaam

A collection of some of the lectures and explanations (of books) of Shaikh Muhammad Bazmool:


Shaikh Saalih Aalush Shaikh