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The Rewards and Benefits of Monotheism (Tawheed) and the statement: None deserves to be worshiped except for Allaah (God, The Creator)

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Very very beneficial lecture on the rewards and benefits of tawheed (monotheism) and saying none deserves to be worshiped except for Allaah (God, The Creator).  The lecture is in Arabic with immediate English translation, this is one of Shaikh Usaamah al-Utaybee’s  excellent lectures from here:

Scroll towards the bottom, look under:

Explanation of KitaabutTawheed: The Virtues of Tawheed & The Sins It Forgives


Beneficial Arabic/English Audio Lectures by Shaikh Usaamah Utaybee

January 15, 2014

Very beneficial audios with clear Arabic translated to English by Shaikh Usaamah Utaybee: