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July 1, 2010

So assuming you were dropped in an Arabic country today, what words would you need?  A friend sent me this useful link: This is very good and thorough but please ignore congratulations of kufr (disbelief) which are also listed.

I also wanted to add some vocabulary and the charts below are what I came up with (I was thinking along the lines of “worst case scenario” for some of this)

a doctor    
a drink    
    أَحْتَاجُ إلَى
طَعَام   I need….


I like   أُحِبُّ
I don’t like   لا أُحِبُّ
I want   أُرِيْدُ
I don’t want   لا أُرِيْدُ
I am not… لستُ مُدَرِّساً لَسْتُ
  I am not a teacher  
How much?   بِكَمْ
For … (in response to bikam)   بِ
I don’t have any money Nuqood is fus-ha, Fuloos is not ما عِنْدِيْ نُقُوْد/فُلُوس
Fire!   حَرِيْق!ا
I am a student in the language Just add ة to make it feminine : طالبَة أنَا طَالِب في اللُغَة
Policeman   شُرْطِي
Criminal   مُجْرِم
Thief   سَارِق


mine   لِيْ
Yours (   لَكَ
Yours (   لَكِ
his   لَهُ
hers   لَهَا
Not mine   لَيْسَ لي


I am feeling pain   أَتَوَجَّعُ
pain   أَلَم
here   هُنَا
there   هُنَاكَ
I have diabetes   بِي سُكَّر
She has diabetes   بِهَا سُكر
  When saying you have a medical ailment, ب + pronoun is used “with me” is…  

 For more medical terms, click here

restaurant   مَطْعَم
bank   مَصْرِف
playground   مَلْعَب
park (also garden)   حَدِيْقَة
museum   مُتْحَفْ
zoo   حديقة الحَيَوَانَات


Water   مَاء
Air conditioning   مُكَيِّف
Fix!   أَصْلِحْ
It is broken   هُوَ مَكْسُوْر