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Declension of Nouns in a Nutshell الإعراب

September 11, 2012

This file is beneficial for understanding the first chapter of Madinah Book 3.  Taken from


File download: declension of nouns in a nutshell


Adjectives 2

June 11, 2012



Understanding Laysa

April 29, 2010

understanding laysa

Understanding am and aw

April 29, 2010

understanding am and aw

The 5 nouns

April 29, 2010

the five nouns

Comparative and Superlative

April 29, 2010


superlative and comparative degree

superlative worksheet


April 29, 2010

Ownership Worksheet

Nouns of dependent declension

April 29, 2010

nouns of dependant declension


April 29, 2010

The adjective agrees with the word it modifies (describes) in four things.

See this file: nat wa manut   taken from:

Ma and its categories

April 29, 2010

ma and its categories