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Beginning (Where to Start)

May 2, 2010

This is what I recommend for someone who is beginning to learn verb conjugations (in this order – which is more or less the order in the Madinah series):

* Remember to write out as many verbs with their conjugations as possible to help memorize*

1.Memorize the past tense for 3 letter root bare verbs first

Madinah Book 2, lessons 4-8 work on this


(at some point you can add regular three letter root mazeed[increased ] verbs [ like

حَاوَلَ، دَرَّسَ، أسْلَمَ

etc ] since these are conjugated in the past tense the same way (which is generally putting sukoon on the last letter and adding the attached subject pronouns:

تُ تَ تِ –  نَا تُمْ تُنَّ نَ

– except for 3rd person, 3rd person, and 3rd person

2.Memorize the present tense for 3 letter root bare verbs

Madinah Book 2,  lessons 10-13 covers this


3.Learn how to form command in 3 letter root, bare verbs

(from Madinah Book 2, chapter/lesson 14)

4.Learn how to form negative commands with 3 letter root bare verbs

Do lesson 15 in Madinah Book 2


4.5 Learn how to form the future


5.Learn how to conjugate the verb “I want” (you can do this before step 5)

From Madinah Book 2, chapter 16


6.Learn how to use two verbs and لِ lam w/kasrah.Ex:

دَرَسْتُ العَرَبِيَةَ لِأَهَمَ القُرْآنَ 

 I studied Arabic so that I could understand the Quran (notice how Afhama is mansoob)

Madinah Book 2, chapter 17


7.Learn how to say “I want to…”  “I like to…”  “Is it possible for me that I….”أ يُمْكِنُنِي أنْ

Also in Madinah Book 2, chapter 17


8. Learn how lan changes the verb

Madinah Book 2, chapter 19


9.Learn how to use lam with regular verbs

Madinah Book 2, chapter 21


10.Learn past/present conjugatios (and also how they change with lam and lan and commands) of irregular verbs (these lessons take a lot of time and repetition)

Madinah Book 2, chapters 25-29


11.Learn the present tense conjugations (one at a time) of mazeed verbs (and these are taught in Madinah Book three starting with lesson 16

After that learn how to conjugate irregular mazeed verbs as well as how to form commands, lan and lam, etc

These are simply suggestions.  Learning verb conjugations takes time and work.  Some people find it helpful to make a verb conjugation notebook.