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Past tense thulaathee mujarrad saalim

October 21, 2010

 Past tense for thulaathee (three letter root ) mujarrad (bare) saalim (regular) verbs

We studied دَرَسْنَا   I studied دَرَسْتُ
You ( studied دَرَسْتُم   You ( studied دَرَسْتَ
You ( studied دَرَسْتُنَّ   You ( studied دَرَسْتِ
They (m) studied دَرَسُوا   He studied دَرَسَ
They (f) studied دَرَسْنَ   She studied دَرَسَتْ

Now practice conjugating in the Past tense for the following verbs:

To break كَسَرَ   To understand (also he understood) فَهِمَ
To leave خَرَجَ   To hear سَمِعَ
To worship عَبَدَ   To go ذَهَبَ
To prostrate سَجَدَ   To eat أَكَلَ
To wash غَسَلَ   To drink شَرِبَ
To attend حَضَرَ   To do فَعَلَ

Present tense, bare, weak end letter 2 of 3

April 24, 2010

pattern I mu’tallul-laam 2 of 3

First 6 forms – 3 letter root, bare

April 24, 2010

First 6 verb forms (thulaathy mujarrad)

Present tense, bare, weak middle letter 3 of 3

April 24, 2010

pattern I mu’tallul-ayn 3 of 3

Present tense, bare, weak middle letter, 2 of 3

April 24, 2010

pattern I mu’tallul-ayn 2 of 3

Present Tense, bare, weak middle letter 1 of 3

April 24, 2010

pattern I mu’tallul-ayn 1 of 3

Present tense, Bare (mujarrad), weak beginning letter

April 24, 2010

pattern I mu’tallul-faa

Present tense, bare (mujarrad) verbs with hamza (mahmooz)

April 24, 2010

pattern I mahmooz

Past Tense, Double Letter (Muda’af)

April 20, 2010

Taken from ch.29 of Madinah Book 2:

عَدَّ، يَعُدُّ

حامد عَدَّ                                      الأولاد عَدُّوا
آمنة عَدَّتْ                                     البنات عَدَدْنَ
أنت عَدَدْتَ                                   أنتم عَدَدْتُمْ
أنتِ عَدَدْتِ                                   أنتنّ عَدَدْتُنَّ
أنا عَدَدْتُ                                     نحن عَدَدْنَا

Past Tense, Irregular Verbs, weak last root letter

April 20, 2010

Taken from ch. 28 in Madinah Book 2:

There are different types of irregular verbs with weak last (root) letters.  One type: 

مَشَى، يَمْشِيْ


حامدٌ مَشَى                         الأولاد مَشَوْا (أصله: مَشَيُوْا


آمنة مَشَتْ (أصله: مَشَاْتْ)         البنات مَشَين


أنت مَشَيْتَ                         أنتم مَشَيْتُمْ


أنتِ مَشَيْتِ                         أنتنّ مَشَيْتُنَّ


أنا مَشَيْتُ                           نحن مَشَيْنَا


Another type:

نَسِيَ، يَنْسَى

حامدٌ نَسِيَ                          الأولاد نَسُوا (أصله: نَسِيُوا


آمنة نَسِيَتْ                          البنات نَسِيْنَ


أنتَ نَسِيْتَ                          أنتم نَسِيْتُمْ


أنتِ نَسِيْتِ                          أنتنّ نَسِيْتُنَّ


أنا نَسِيْتُ                            نحن نَسِيْنَا


Another type: 

دَعَا، يَدْعُوْ

حامدٌ دَعَا الأولاد                  دَعَوْا (أصله: دَعَوُوا 
آمنة دَعَتْ (أصله: دَعَاْتْ)         البنات دَعَوْنَ 
أنتَ دَعَوْتَ                        أنتم دَعَوْتُمْ 
أنتِ دَعَوْتِ                        أنتنّ دَعَوْتُنَّ 
أنا دَعَوْتُ                          نحن دَعَوْنَا