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Pattern XIII if’awwala, yaf’awwilu

April 4, 2012



Pattern XII if’aw’ala, yaf’aw’ilu

March 20, 2012


Pattern X, irregular, present tense

May 13, 2010

Double letter: pattern X muda’af

Weak middle letter: pattern X weak of ayn

Weak end letter : pattern X weak of lam

Verbs on the pattern of اِسْتَفْعَلَ , regular, present tense

May 12, 2010

Pattern X is gone over in Madinah Book 3, chapter 24


Some of the meaning of this pattern are:

1.Seeking/asking for the root, Ex: اِسْتَعَانَ – to seek help (عون)

2.To consider something/someone to be the root, Ex: اِسْتَعْظَمَ – to consider to be great

For more meanings of this pattern, look at the chart here

Conjugation chart for Pattern X : pattern X saalim

The 4 forms which are increased by three letters

April 24, 2010

Increased by three letters