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Past tense thulaathee mujarrad saalim

October 21, 2010

 Past tense for thulaathee (three letter root ) mujarrad (bare) saalim (regular) verbs

We studied دَرَسْنَا   I studied دَرَسْتُ
You ( studied دَرَسْتُم   You ( studied دَرَسْتَ
You ( studied دَرَسْتُنَّ   You ( studied دَرَسْتِ
They (m) studied دَرَسُوا   He studied دَرَسَ
They (f) studied دَرَسْنَ   She studied دَرَسَتْ

Now practice conjugating in the Past tense for the following verbs:

To break كَسَرَ   To understand (also he understood) فَهِمَ
To leave خَرَجَ   To hear سَمِعَ
To worship عَبَدَ   To go ذَهَبَ
To prostrate سَجَدَ   To eat أَكَلَ
To wash غَسَلَ   To drink شَرِبَ
To attend حَضَرَ   To do فَعَلَ

Pattern I verbs, فَعَلَ، يَفْعَلُ؛ فَعَلَ، يَفْعُلُ، فَعَلَ، يَفْعِلُ etc

April 24, 2010

These are 4 of the 6 first forms (thulaathy, mujarrad – 3 letter root, bare).  The other two forms :

فَعِلَ، يَفْعِلُ and فَعُلَ، يَفْعُلُ

are more rare.  You can find an example of these two ( that I did not include below) in the first six forms mentioned in Binaa al Af’aal  (I only included a little of Binaa in that file.  The complete Binaa al Af’aal is here ) and also the verb chart from Madinah Book 3.

This is a helpful link.  The verb charts are my own though.  I organized them the way I did because making charts in this manner made the verb conjugations easy to memorize for me.  I usually do not include dual.


pattern I, type 1-fa’ala, yaf’ulu

pattern I, type 2-fa’ala, yaf’ilu

pattern I, type 3-fa’ala, yaf’alu

pattern I, type 4-fa’ila, yaf’alu

First 6 forms – 3 letter root, bare

April 24, 2010

First 6 verb forms (thulaathy mujarrad)

Past Tense, Regular Verbs

April 14, 2010

Verb chart from ch.8 of Madinah Book 2 for past tense conjugations of regular verbs (ثلاثي، سالم مجرّد )


  المُفْرَدُ الجَمْعُ
الغائب المذكر   حامدٌ ذَهَبَ حامدٌ وهاشمٌ وعليٌّ ذَهَبُوْا
المؤنث   آمنةُ ذَهَبَتْ آمنةُ وزينبُ ومريمُ ذَهَبْنَ
المخاطب المذكّر   أنتَ ذَهَبْتَ أنتُمْ ذَهَبْتُمْ
المؤنث   أنتِ ذَهَبْتِ أنتنَّ ذَهَبْتُنَّ
المتكلم المذكر والمؤنث  أنا ذَهَبْتُ نحن ذهبنا