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Verb conjugator

April 29, 2010

perfectum = past

imperfectum = present

conjunctive = mansoob

jussive = majzoom

Passive = when the action is done to something and the doer isn’t mentioned , ex

In the past:

سُئِلْتُ I was asked

قُتِلَ He was killed

And in the present:

يُسْئَلُ he/it is being asked

يُفْعَلُ it is being done

See Madinah Book 3, lesson 3


The verb conjugator is a useful tool, but for irregular mujarrad (bare) verbs with weak end letters, it may give something different than what I learned in Madinah Book 2 lesson 28


For example, I can’t get the correct conjugation for

نَسِيَ يَنْسَى 

It only brings up

نسَى يَنْسِيْ

It does the same thing for some of the mazeed verbs which have a weak middle or end letter in their root (like احتاج )