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Shaikh Ahmad ibn Umar Bazmool warns from al Haazimee

December 31, 2012

The following was written by Shaikh Ahmad ibn Umar Bazmool on the 9th of Safar 1434 corresponding with December 22 2012

Translated from:

(After praising Allah and sending salaah and salaam upon Allah’s Messenger and his followers)


As for what follows:


Indeed the caller, Ahmad ibn Umar al Haazimee has many dangerous oppositions (to the Sunnah).  From them – his falling into the affair of declaring the ruler to be a disbeliever in the same way of the Takfeeris1. See this link2:


And from them (his oppositions) is his slandering Shaikh Albaanee and Shaikh Rabee and his accusing the Salafis of Irjaa3 – in agreement with the Haddaadees4.


And from them is his declaring the Salafis to be innovators.


And from them is that he thinks the Salafi Manhaj which our Salafi Scholars and their followers traverse upon – (he thinks) that it is partisanship and division.


And (he thinks)5 that there is not one salafiyyah, but many salafiyyahs6!!!


And he has other than that from oppositions (to the Sunnah)


And he has spoken about al Allaamah Rabee al Madkhalee and Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee and other than them.  So be warned of his corrupt astray innovated manhaj.  And I warn my brothers from this man.





2العنوان: الشيخ أحمد بن عمر الحازمي يقول : من بدَّل حكم الله بالقوانين الوضعية كفره عيناً

3See the following links: Shaikh Ahmad an Najmee on the accusation of irjaa against Shaikh Rabee and Shaikh Albanee:


Shaikh Uthaymeen on the accusation of irjaa against Shaikh Albaanee:


Shaikh an Najmee and Shaikh Ubaid al Jaabiree on the accusation of irjaa against Shaikh Albaanee:

4Shaikh Rabee mentions 12 characteristics of the Haddaadis here:

5This link is given where this statement of Haazimee’s can be found:

6Shaikh Ahmad anNajmee was asked if there is just one Salafiyyah: