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Some of the Shuyookh of Algeria

November 7, 2012

Shaikh Ubaid al Jaabiree mentions some of the shuyookh of Algeria as well as warning against Abu Abdul Baaree Abdul Hameed ibn Ahmad al Arabee.


The four shaikhs he gave tazkiyyah for in this phone call:


Shaikh Abdul Ghanee ‘Uwaisaat


Shaikh Dr. Abdul Majeed ibn Jumuah


Shaikh Dr. Muhammad ibn Ali Firkous


Shaikh ‘Izzud-Deen Ramadaanee


(Shaikh Ubaid later says “These four Mashaayikh” )


Audio: (Arabic text)


Also the Mashaayikh of Algeria warn from Abu Abdul Baaree Hameed ibn Ahmad al Arabee:


Various groups and individuals criticized by the Scholars

September 26, 2012

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