Don’t say “good luck” or expressions using the word “luck” or “lucky”


The following is taken from the written file (I added spacing) for lesson 29 in explanation of Kitaabut Tawheed (even though it is lesson 29, I believe it is an explanation of chapter 25 from Kitaabut Tawheed and Allaah knows best) from here:



The student of the ulamaa, Abul Abbaas Moosa Richardson, said:


Some people say I wish you good luck and they say along with that may Allaah give you good luck and they mean the qadr, they want good qadr for you. They should watch out for the phrase luck as I think people who are native English speakers would agree that the word luck, being lucky or unlucky is a kind of heedless speech about the blessings of Allaah and I think it should be avoided and Allaahu ta’aala knows best. And not translated into Arabic and then asked to the mashaykh with a different wording, hathun tayyib… they translate it when they ask this question to the ulema, often people from the west translate this into hath tayyib which is a phrase commonly on the tongues of the people (i wish you a good share) and so they say o the shaykh said it was alright to say hathan tayyiban so it’s ok to say good luck. They have mistranslated it in the first place or they have ineffectively translated it into something which seemed to be good in Arabic already, as if that they wanted to make that thing or to understand it to be permissible so they translated it into something that sounds good in Arabic.


“However the proper understanding should be applied that that kind of phrase is not spoken from people who are grateful to Allaah and they respect Allaah ta’aala, and they attribute the blessings that they got from Allaah to Allaah ta’aala and the hardships they face returning to Allaah with patience and with du’aa. So we should be far from saying good luck and you’re so lucky and all of that. Also “you’re so lucky” is a violation even if we said lucky was ok to say. You’re so lucky, we should be saying baarakallaahu feek right. If you see someone with something good you should be making du’aa for barakah and not saying you’re lucky or not just simply identifying that they have something good but we should be making du’aa for that good thing to be preserved and to have barakah and Allaahu ta’aala knows best.”


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