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Meaning of Ruqyah and Proof of its Lawfulness

August 9, 2012

Quoting from the Rules and Etiquettes of Ruqyah.  Anything in brackets like this: {} is something I added.


The foundation of ruqyah consists of performing supplications, reciting the Qur’aan and blowing spittle in order to seek Allaah’s assistance and refuge in Him.  This is the basis for it, i.e. that one intends by it to prevent or remove a calamity by seeking Allaah’s aid for it or refuge in Him from it.

Based on this, ruqyah can be divided into two parts {types}:

1.Ruqyah by which one seeks refuge in and assistance from only Allaah {God}.  This is what has been permitted and legislated in the Religion.

2.Ruqyah by which one seeks refuge in and assistance in someone other than Allaah.  This is polytheism (shirk) and it is prohibited.

People in the Days of Ignorance {before Islam} would practice ruqyah quite often, as Allaah says:

وَقِيْلَ مَنْ رَاقٍ

And it will be said: ‘Who can cure him by way of ruqyah?’”

[Surah Al-Qiyaamah {75}:27]

This verse means that when death would approach a person (in the Days of Ignorance), he would look for someone to perform ruqyah on him.  A poet once said:

وإذا المنية أنشبت أظفارها          ألفيت كل تميمة لا تنفع

And when the claws of the death take hold

I found every good luck charm  did not benefit.”

This refers to the means of treatment that they would use to cure.  People in the Days of Ignorance would use ruqyah to prevent calamities such as illnesses and the evil eye.  They would also use it to remove and terminate misfortunes just like a medicine that would be used to stop a sickness after it occurs.

However, the difference was that they would seek refuge in other than Allaah when performing ruqyah, such as their gods, idols and even the jinn.  And we seek refuge with Allaah from all of this!  Or they would ask assistance from false gods besides Allaah. 

This is why, as authentically reported in Saheeh Muslim, the Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) said:

اِعْرَضُوا عَلَيَّ رُقَاكُم. لا بَأْسَ بِالرُقَى ما لَم يَكُنْ [فيه] شٍرْكٌ

Present your incantations (ruqaa) to me. There is no harm in incantations so long as there is no shirk (polytheism) [in them].”

Meaning: “On the condition that there cannot be found any polytheistic aspects in them.”

The Rules and Etiquettes of Ruqyah by Shaikh Saalih Aalush Shaikh p.13 – 14