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The Excuse of Ignorance

June 6, 2013

First, the brief statement of Shaikh Abdus Salaam al Burjis:


Secondly, Shaikh Uthaymeen’s excellent explanation:


Thirdly, Shaikh Rabee explains how the people of fitnah try to use this issue to split the Salafees:


Masaail Jaahiliyyah

May 30, 2010


مَسَائِلُ الجَاهِلِيَّة

Arabic Text (Written)

Arabic Text (Audio)

English Translation of the Text (Written)

Arabic with English translation: (from this page – Aspects of Days of Ignorance)

English Explanation

Buy the English book with explanation by Shaikh Fawzaan:

Arabic Explanation (Audio)

Shaikh Muhammad ibn Ramzaan al Haajiree

Shaikh Saalih Aalush-Shaikh

Shaikh Muhammad ibn Abdil Wahhaab al Wasaabee

Shaikh AbdurRazzaq ibn Abdul Muhsin al Badr