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The Living Scholar Saalih bin Muhammad al Luhaydaan

August 17, 2012

Translated from his website:

Translated by Ummu Khadijah


Shaikh Saalih bin Muhammad al Luhaydaan – Allah, The Most High, preserve him – the lofty scholar and caller to Allah, possessing prestige and nobility, the Imam and lecturer

He was born in the city of al Bukayriyah in the area of Qaseem in 1350 H

He graduated from the College of Sharee’ah in Riyadh in 1379H

He worked as Secretary to Shaikh Muhammad bin Ibraheem Aalush Shaikh – rahimahullah – the previous Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, after graduating until he was appointed Assistant to the Chief of the High Court of Riyadh in 1383H

He became Chief of the Court in 1384H

He received his Master’s from the Higher Institute of Jurisprudence  in 1389H

He remained Chief of the High Court until he was appointed Appellate Judge and member of the Supreme Court in 1390H

In 1403 he was appointed Head of the Permanent Body of the Supreme Judicial Council

He continued in that position, and substituting for Head of the Council in his absence until 1413 when he was appointed Head of the Council of the General and Permanent Body

He has also been a member of the Body of Major Scholars since 1391 H

He is also a member of the Muslim World League

He was active in establishing the magazine Raayatul Islaam (Flag of Islaam) and he was its Administrator and Chief Editor

He has lessons in the Sacred Masjid (in Makkah) which are broadcast

He gives fatwa for the program “Noor alaa ad-Darb”

He has lectures and seminars and participates in discussing (or debating) Master and Doctoral theses (of the students)

And (he has talks or participates) in other than that from that in which there is good and rectification

(we ask that) Allah reward the Shaikh with the best of rewards and give us and him a good end in all affairs.  (We ask that) Allah raise the rank of our Prophet Muhammad and grant him peace.

And I (the person writing this on the Shaikh’s website) say: he has lectures and lessons in Riyadh and Makkah and tremendous efforts in advising the Muslims – the leaders and the general people

We ask Allah to protect him, grant him success, guide his steps, and give him a good end – Aameen

[end of biography]


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March 16, 2012

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