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Repeatedly Looking at the One Proposed to

August 16, 2012

Taken from:ÓÄÇá-áØáÈ-ÇáÎíÑ&langid=8


السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتهاخي الشيخ ماهر أحيانا أجلس مع خطيبتي ومعنا محارمها وبشكل شرعي ولكن فينتابني شيئ من الشهوة عند النظر اليها حتى انني أضطر لغض البصر الى أسفل فهل هذا هو زنى العين المحرم ؟!! ام انها خطيبتي ولي ذلك ؟؟!! وماذا عليا ان افعل ؟!!



(After the Islamic Greeting):

Shaikh Maahir – sometimes I sit with the one I am engaged to with her mahrams present in a manner allowed in the legislation of Islam. However, I am afflicted with something from desire when looking at her so I must lower my gaze to the ground.  So is this the prohibited adultery of the eye?  Or is it ok because she is my fiance (i.e. I am engaged to her)?  What should I do?


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم إذا لم يعقد عليها النكاح فلايحل له أن يكرر النظر إليها بشهوة فإن فعل فذلك من زنا العين وهوعاص لله القائل وقل للمؤمنين يغضوا من أبصارهم وإنما أبيحت الرؤية الشرعية لحاجة معرفة وصف المخطوبة لاالتلذذ بتكرار النظر إليها وكثرة مقابلتها فذلك حرام ليستغفر الله منه إذا وقع فيه وأما إذا عقد النكاح فتلك زوجته جائز أن يجامعها فضلا عن مجرد النظر إليها بشهوة


Answer (Shaikh Maahir al Qahtaani):

When they have not yet married, it is not permissible for him to repeatedly look at her with desire because this is the adultery of the eye and he is disobedient to Allah Who said (translated) ‘And say to the Believing men to lower their gaze…’ (24:30).  And the only thing permitted is the legislated look to fulfill the need of knowing the description of the female who is proposed to, not taking pleasure in repeatedly looking at her or making numerous visits to her because that is haraam.  He must seek Allah’s forgiveness for that if he falls into it.  As for when he has married her, then she is his wife and it is allowed for him to consumate the marriage with her which is better than just looking at her with desire.


And in this fatwa from

لكن لا تكرر النظر إليها بعد أن عرفت صفتها وشكلها

ولا تخل بها خشية أن يقع بينكما ما لا يحمد عقباه

But do not look at her repeatedly after you know her description

and shape and do not be alone with her for fear that something

may happen between you, the consequences of which

are not praiseworthy”

An answer by Shaikh Bin Baz, Shaikh Afeefy, Shaikh Ghudyaan, and Shaikh Qu’ood