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What does it mean that Allah is “fees-samaa'” في السماء ?

February 19, 2013


The following quote from Shaikh Uthaymeen taken from:

This is part of what Shaikh Uthaymeen said in his brief commentary on Lum’atul I’tiqaad:


المعنى الصحيح لكون الله في السماء أن الله تعالى على السماء، ف فيبمعنى علىا


The correct meaning of Allah being “fees-samaa'” is that Allah the Most High is over the samaa’.

So “fee” means “alaa”



And Shaikh Fawzaan said in his explanation of Aqeedatul Waasitiyyah  p.66

(إثبات علو الله على مخلوقاته)

وقوله تعالى:

And His, The Most High’s, statement:

(أ أمنتم)

Do you feel safe…” (67:16)

أمن ضد الخوف

Safety is the opposite of fear

(من في السماء)

…that the One Who is fees-samaa’…” (67:16)

أي: عقوبة من في السماء وهو الله سبحانه

Meaning: (do you feel safe from) the punishment of the One Who is fees-samaa’ and He is Allah, Free is He from all deficiencies and defects

ومعنى (في السماء) أي على السماء

And “fees-samaa’” means over the heavens