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Some Statements from Shaikh adh-Dhafeeri’s Refutation of Muhammad al Imaam, introduced by Shaikh Fawzaan

September 7, 2015

Firstly, a reminder about what Shaikh Rabee said a year agp when he was asked about Shaikh Ubaid al Jaabiree’s declaring Muhammad al Imaam to be an innovator, to which he responded:

( )

“Firstly, it is obligatory upon Muhammad al Imaam to repent to Allaah from this pact”

Then he said,

“I am amazed at the one who seeks to reject the tabdee’ (declaration of one being an innovator) of Shaikh ‘Ubaid for Muhammad al Imaam, but this one doesn’t seek to reject the takfeer (declaring one to be a disbeliever) of some of the Haddaadees (extremists) and Hizbees of myself and Shaikh ‘Ubaid based upon Muhammad al Imaam’s pact”

More statements of the scholars on Muhammad al Imaam’s pact:

The following are a few sentences translated from the treatise by Shaikh Abdullah bin Sulfeeq adh-Dhafeeri[1] which can be downloaded from here:

Shaikh Saalih Fawzaan said about this treatise by Shaikh Abdullah bin Sulfeeq adh-Dhafeeri:

“I have examined the treatise entitled: ‘Alerting those who possess pure intellects’ by Shaikh Abdullah bin Sulfeeq adh-Dhafeeri – (we ask that) Allaah grants him success – and I found it to be satisfactory with regards to its subject.  So (we ask that) Allaah rewards him with good and brings about benefit by his knowledge”

(p.2 in the pdf viewer)

The following are just a few of the statements of Shaikh Abdullah bin Sulfeeq adh-Dhafeeri from the treatise:

“Firstly, Muhammad al Imaam’s continuing to defend the pact and work by its ratified terms until the present – along with the Yemeni and Saudi governments as well as the governments of the Gulf nations being at war with the Houthis – those (Houthis) who have broken agreements, killed Ahlus Sunnah, betrayed them numerous times and who are supported by Iran which supplies them with weapons and equipment.

“Secondly, the followers of Muhammad al Imaam misguiding the people with fabrications about the noble Shaikh Saalih bin Fawzaan al Fawzaan in saying that he approves of this pact.” (p.4 in the pdf viewer)

Shaikh Abdullah bin Sulfeeq adh-Dhafeeri said:

“The unrestrictiveness of their statement (in the pact): ‘And the absence of war, mutual clashing, fighting, or fitnah no matter what the circumstances or the reasons’

“The unrestrictiveness of this shows foolishness, weakness, and cowardice.  Because it requires and necessitates a lack of fighting the Houthis no matter what they do.  Even if they fight and kill Ahlus Sunnah in all areas of Yemen, or if the (scholars and rulers) of the Muslims of Ahlus Sunnah announce a general call to arms against the Houthis, then Muhammad al Imaam will stick to the pact and won’t fight with his Muslim brothers from Ahlus Sunnah even if jihaad and fighting are considered fard ayn (an individual obligation).

“Likewise it requires that Muhammad al Imaam and whoever is under his leadership stick to this pact and this unrestricted agreement even if there occurs from the Houthis treachery and betrayal.” (p.9 in the pdf viewer)

Shaikh Abdullah bin Sulfeeq adh-Dhafeeri said:

“This is what Muhammad al Imaam has made obligatory with the Houthis which is built upon this agreement which he endorsed – even up until the present.  For indeed on the first jumuah after “Decisive Storm”[2] (started) he rejected this fighting.  This fighting which was a result of the Houthis breaking and betraying their treaties and their international agreement – and he called (this fighting against the Shia Houthis) the fighting of fitnah.  And he continues to be upon this.  He emphasized this in the khutbah he gave on the 15th of Shawwal 1436H in which he portrayed the fighting which is occurring right now against the (Shia) Houthis as the fighting of fitnah.  And (he mentioned) that whoever left it was the one who had intellect and understanding – and he meant by that himself and his followers.   He mentioned texts and narrations to try to argue that, which shows that he is only someone who memorizes and transmits (the texts) without understanding them.  And that he doesn’t distinguish between the fighting of jihaad against the evil-doers and the fighting of fitnah.” (p.9 in the pdf viewer)

Shaikh Abdullah bin Sulfeeq adh-Dhafeeri said:

“Seventhly, what it contains from far-reaching danger, and that is what some of Muhammad al Imaam’s followers are doing from misguiding the people through their telling lies about Shaikh Saalih Fawzaan that he supports this pact.  And from this is what has come on the website (which will not be named here) from what Uthmaan as-Saalimee and Jameel al-Haamilee have transmitted – that they showed Shaikh Fawzaan some of the terms of the pact and that he supported Muhammad al Imaam and said:

بما أنها قد وقعت انتهى الأمر

“Because it has already occurred, the affair has ended”

And that he said,

إن الشيخ محمد الإمام هو أعرف بحاله أي حال البلاد

“Indeed Shaikh Muhammad al Imaam is more knowledgeable about his situation”

And that he said,

وبما أن الشيخ محمد قد وقع على هذه الوثيقة فهو أمر مطلوب حفاظا على الدعوة والدماء والأعراض

“Because Shaikh Muhammad has signed this pact, then this is something which is desired to preserve the da’wah, the blood (of the people), and their honor”

“I (Shaikh Abdullah bin Sulfeeq adh-Dhafeeri) say: (Even) If they were truthful in their transmission, then they didn’t present to Shaikh Saalih Fawzaan the entire pact.  If they had shown Shaikh Fawzaan the entire pact along with what has become clear lately from the positions of Muhammad al Imaam regarding the “Decisive Storm” (military strikes), the Shaikh (Fawzaan) would have rejected this pact.  And how could Shaikh Fawzaan agree to its terms while it contains what it contains of calamities and misrepresentation of the (correct) beliefs?” (p.13 in the pdf viewer)

(end of what was translated from that treatise)

Shaikh Rabee on Saudi’s war against the Houthis:


[1] Part of Shaikh Rabee’s praise for Shaikh Abdullah bin Sulfeeq adh-Dhafeeri and one of his books can be found here:

[2] The name of Saudi Arabia’s military operation: عَاصِفَة الحزم

How can you be a martyr if you are in the Hell-Fire?!

July 21, 2015


Islamic Condemnation of Terrorists, Hijackers & Suicide Bombers

July 21, 2015

A small yet excellent book put together by which can be downloaded from this link:

Click to access TheCondemnationOfTerrorism_d.pdf

( )

Some of the Statements of the Scholars on Muhammad al Imam and the Pact he signed with the Shi’a

April 21, 2015

File can be downloaded from here:

Some of the statements of the Scholars on Muhammad al Imaam and the pact he signed with the Shia

Those Who Claim They Follow Only the Quran

October 17, 2013




This is an excerpt of Shaikh Muhammad Amaan al Jaamee’s explanation of Shaikh Uthaymeen’s Book Al Qawaa’id al Muthlaa… (Exemplary Principles)…Taken from tape 4, starting at 13:521. Underlined speech is from the text of Shaikh Uthaymeen’s book2.


Arabic text of Shaikh Muhammad Amaan al Jaamee’s speech in this file:

Quraniyyoon Arabic quote



Shaikh Uthaymeen said (translated):


And where is the Imaan in the Messenger – sallallahu alayhe wa sallam – who was entrusted with the Quran – for the one who doesn’t accept what is from his Sunnah




Shaikh Muhammad Amaan al Jaamee explained:


And he rejects that and says: We are sufficed with the Quran. What is in the Book of Allaah, we accept. And what is in the Sunnah, we reject. This one claims that he is a Qur’aanee – from those who believe in the Quran only.


These people disbelieve in the Quran without realizing it. Whoever disbelieves in the Sunnah has indeed disbelieved in the Quran. Because the Quran is that which commands to follow the Sunnah.3 And because the Quran mentions many of the rulings in a general way which are explained in detail in the Sunnah.


And some of the Attributes of Allaah, The Most High, have come in the Sunnah and they are not in the Quran. Separating the Book from the Sunnah and claiming Imaan in the Quran and rejecting the Sunnah is futility (useless). On top of that, it is disbelief in both of them.


The Shaikh (Uthaymeen) – (we ask that) Allaah bestow mercy upon us and upon him – said:


Allaah, The Most High, said:


وَنَزَّلْنَا عَلَيْكَ الْكِتَابَ تِبْيَانًا لِّكُلِّ شَيْءٍ


And We have sent down to you the Book (i.e. the Qur’an) as an explanation (tibyaan) for everything…” (16:89)


And from what is known


(Shaikh al Jaamee): to the students of knowledge


is that many of the knowledge-based sharee’ah matters


(Shaikh al Jaamee): from that is the Names and Attributes – this is called: “knowledge-based”


and the action-based matters –


(Shaikh al Jaamee): the rulings


their explanations come in the Sunnah


(Shaikh al Jaamee): many of them are explained in the Sunnah


So their explanations in the Sunnah are from the explanation (mentioned in) the Quran (“tibyaan” as mentioned in the verse 16:89 above)


(Shaikh al Jaamee): Allaah, The Most High, said:


أقيموا الصلاة


Establish the salaah”4


How do you establish the salaah with the Book (the Quran) only, when you have disbelieved in the Sunnah? How do you purify yourself ? And these details from the actions of the salaah – from the takbeer (to begin the salaah) to the tasleem (to end the salaah) – from where do you know how to do these things?


When you have left off the Sunnah, that means that you leave off the salaah.


What verse from the Quran do you use to pray? With this general verse:


أقيموا الصلاة


Establish the salaah”?


And also:


ءاتوا الزكاة


Give the zakaah” (2:110)


From where (do you know how to do this)?? This tremendous command: The Hajj. The details and actions of Hajj – are they not from the Sunnah? Most of our actions are in the Sunnah. The Quran has placed a general outline, and the Sunnah has explained it. The place of return is to Allaah. Because the Sunnah5 is from Allaah…









2 The underlined text in this file from Shaikh Uthaymeen’s book can be found here:

3 For example: 4:69; 3:31-32; 59:7; 4:59; 3:132; 4:64-65

4 This command occurs in many places, e.g. 2:110

From March 13 2013 Shaikh Rabee on Yahyaa al Hajooree

March 15, 2013

Text (translated):


Some of his errors:


Do Refutations Harden the Heart?

November 13, 2012

The following translation taken from:

Question to Sheikh Fawzan

Q: What is your view on the one who says the books of refutations harden the heart?

A: No, leaving off refutations is what hardens the heart, because the people will live upon error and misguidance so their hearts will become harden; but if the truth is clarified and falsehood is refuted then this is what softens the heart without doubt.

(Arabic text below)

السؤال – ما رأيكم في من يقول إن كتب الردود يقسي القلوب

لا! ترك الردود يقسي القلوب

لإن الناس يعيشون على الخطاء وعلى الضلال وتقسو القلوب

أما إذا بين الحق ورد الباطل فهذا مما يلين القلوب بلا شك

Listen to the audio

Question to Sheikh Rabee

Q: What do you say oh Sheikh to the one who says too much talk about minhaj hardens the heart?

A: Meaning that a lot of talk about the minhaj and correcting it and studying it hardens the heart, but calling to myths, and innovations, and misguidance and to the ideas of the khawarij softens the heart—Masha ALLAH!!! The dawa to the minhaj; calling to the book of ALLAH and to the sunna of the Messenger peace and blessings are upon him, and what is contained in the book of ALLAH and the sunna of the Messenger peace and blessing are upon him, from the belief system (aqeedah), and the acts of worship, and the actions, and correcting the minhaj is a great affair that must be done and there is a lot of misguidance concerning this minhaj. And no matter how much the person was to speak about it, his efforts would be minuscule in relation to what is required in this affair. Now when we speak about the minhaj does it reach every Muslim?!!

But speech upon the methodology of Tabligh (Jamaat) or upon the methodology of the Muslim brotherhood, or the methodology of the people who are astray or the methodology of the people of bida, or myths, or deviated creeds and politics and socialism and ideological beliefs, this Masha ALLAH softens the heart!!!! Is this a correct statement? This foolish statement is not able to stand up to the true Islamic minhaj, may ALLAH bless you.

The following summary translation by a student taken from:

Question to the Mufti Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ali Shaykh:

Question: What do you say concerning the one who says: Verily refutations against the people of innovations and misguidance, was not from the practice of the Salaf, and the books of refutations are not befitting to be distributed except between the students of knowledge and they should not be distributed to other than them?

Answer: Refutations upon the people of innovations is from jihad in the cause of Allah, and protection for the legislation of Islam from having something attached to it that is not from it. Thus authoring the books, printing them, and distributing them is correct, and it is calling to the truth, and jihad in the cause of Allah.

Thus whoever presumes that printing the books and spreading the books that refute the innovators is an innovation, then he is in error; because Allah the Exalted said: Oh Prophet strive hard against the disbelievers and the hypocrites and be severe against them. (Chapter 66 verse 9)
Therefore jihad is with the hand, the tongue, and wealth. From jihad with the tongue is to defend the legislation of Islam and to protect it from every fabrication from the doubts and falsehood; included in this is warning from innovation and calling to the truth.

For this reason Imam Ahmad and other than him produced books warning from the innovators. Imam Ahmad authored a treatise entitled “The refutation upon the hypocrites.” So he clarified their doubts and answered every doubt they came with. Al Bukari-may Allah have mercy upon him-authored his book “The actions of the servants are created”. And other than them from the Imams of Islam have authore
d refutations upon the innovators and rebutted their falsehood and established the arguments against them.

Also Shaykh of Islam (ibn Taymiyyah) authored refutations upon the rafidah in his well known book, “The methodology of the Prophetic Sunnah in demolishing the statements of the shia and the qadariya”, and he clarified the falsehood and misguided they are upon.

(The following is the Arabic text from here: )

السؤال :ما تقولون في قول القائل : إن الردود على أهل البدع والزيغ لم تكن ديدن السلف، وإن كتب الردود لا ينبغي أن تنشر إلا بين طلبة العلم، ولا تنشر بين غيرهم ؟

الجواب :الردود على أهل البدع من الجهاد في سبيل الله، ومن حماية الشريعة من أن يلصق بها ما ليس منها، فتأليف الكتب وطبعها ونشرها هنا حق ودعوة للحق وجهاد في سبيل الله، فمن زعم أن طبع الكتب ونشرها في الرد على المبتدعين أمر مبتدع فإنه على خطأ، لأن الله جلا وعلا قال { يَا أَيُّهَا النَّبِيُّ جَاهِدِ الْكُفَّارَ وَالْمُنَافِقِينَ وَاغْلُظْ عَلَيْهِمْ }.
والجهاد يكون باليد، ويكون باللسان، ويكون بالمال ومن الجهاد باللسان الذب عن هذه الشريعة وحمايتها من كل ما لفق بها من شبه وأباطيل، ومن ذلك التحذير من البدع والدعوة إلى الحق ولهذا صنف الإمام أحمد وغيره كتبًا حذروا فيها من المبتدعين فالإمام أحمد ألف رسالة الرد على الزنادقة وبين شبههم وأجاب عن كل شبهة، والبخاري رحمه الله ألف كتابه خلق أفعال العبادوغيرهم من أئمة الإسلام ألفوا في الرد على المبتدعة ودمغ باطلهم وإقامة الحجج عليهم، وكذلك ألف شيخ الإسلام في الرد على الرافضة كتابه المعروف منهاج السنة النبوية في نقض كلام الشيعة والقدريةوبين ما هم عليه من باطل وضلال .

 جريدة الرياض السعودية : الجمعة 4 المحرم 1424 هـ العدد 12674 – السنة الأربعون بواسطة

الفتاوى المهمة في تبصير الأمة

  فضيلة الشيخ عبد العزيز آل الشيخ