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The word “Salafee” separates the people – Shaikh Saalih al Fawzaan

October 21, 2015

The audio can be listened to from here:

Question: Some of the callers (du’aat) – (we ask that) Allaah guide them – say: “The word ‘Salafee’ separates the people, so do not say, ‘I am Salafee’…”

Answer (Shaikh Saalih al Fawzaan): Yes, yes, the word “Salafee” does separate the people.  It separates (i.e. distinguishes) the Salafees from the innovators and the people of misguidance, all the praise is due to Allaah alone.

This is a distinguishing trait – that a person is on the way (madh-hab) of the Salaf.

“And I have followed the religion of my forefathers – Ibraheem, Is’haaq and Ya’qoob[1] – we could never worship anyone or anything along with Allaah.” (12:38)

Following the Salaf upon tawheed and upon the correct beliefs (aqeedah) – this is an honor, and this is praiseworthy, so we take pride in that.  And we ask Allaah that He puts us upon the path of the Salaf and that He keeps us firm upon it.

We call the people to the way of the Salaf, to the correct beliefs.  If they respond (and follow the way of the Salaf), then all the praise is for Allaah alone.

We don’t gather the people.[2]  So if they separate from us, then this is what they have chosen for themselves.


[1] The Prophets: Abrahaam, Isaac and Jacob

[2] We unite the people upon the truth by calling them to what is correct with regards to all matters, but we do not act like the misguided ones who just want to gather a large number of bodies together – with their varying beliefs – so that their bodies are all in one place but their hearts are divided because no one is calling them to the correct beliefs nor rectifying their mistakes.  As for Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaa’ah, the Salafees, although our bodies are in different places all over the world, our hearts are united upon the correct aqeedah (beliefs) and manhaj (way of understanding and implementing the Quran and Sunnah)


Arabic-English: Holding onto the Salafee Manhaj in times of Tribulations

January 10, 2014

An Arabic lecture (by Shaikh Ahmad Bazmool) with English translation.  Very beneficial:





Shaykh Ahmad Bazmool: A Notification to the Salafees about a Dangerous Issue Pertaining to MethodologyShaykh Ahmad Bazmool: A Notification to the Salafees about a Dangerous Issue Pertaining to Methodology

June 13, 2013




Shaykh Dr. Ahmad Bazmool, may Allah protect him, said:

I would like to alert my salafee brothers in every place about a dangerous issue. The issue is as follows: It’s them being fooled by everyone who begins to teach, and thinking that he is qualified enough to take knowledge from.

So, if they see that he’s a person who writes on salafee websites, they think he’s Salafee;

If they see that he has books, they think he’s Salafee;

If they see that he gives sermons, uses complex speech, and uses eloquent phrases, they think he’s Salafee;

If they see that he gathers the youth and encourages them to memorize at-taweed, al-Usool ath-Thalaathah, and that he teaches them these types of affairs, they think he’s Salafee;

If they see that he is a teacher at a university, they think he’s Salafee;

If they see that he teaches in the Prophet’s Masjid or the Haram in Makkah, they think he’s Salafee;

If they see that he’s a judge, they think he’s Salafee;

If they see him delivering lecturers, or appearing in the media, they think he’s Salafee;

All of these things are not sufficient, in reality, to the people of knowledge in order to establish the Salafiyyah of this man and that he is qualified to teach and to benefit his brothers.

All of these affairs don’t benefit him at all. Rather, these affairs are what we find those who stay away from and distance themselves from the sittings of the Salafee scholars using as a means to fool the general people into thinking they are Salafiyoon.

Fine. So what’s the path [we take]?

The way to know if knowledge should or shouldn’t be taken from a person is known by one of two ways:

The first: The scholars recommend and explicitly state: ‘So and So is Salafee and a student of knowledge; benefit from him.’

And I want to bring attention to a situation: If a Shaykh says: ‘So and So is Salafee,’ that doesn’t mean that he is qualified to teach. The Shaykh must mention two things: that he is Salafee and that he is qualified to teach.

We have seen some people fool the general people by saying a Shaykh has said that So and So is Salafee. Fine. Did he say he’s a scholar? Did he say he’s a student of knowledge?

Being Salafee is a level, and being a student of knowledge or a scholar is a higher level coupled with Salafiyyah. So, it is not befitting for us to be fooled by these types of situations.

Likewise [we shouldn’t be fooled] just because a person goes to Shaykh Rabee’s classes, or that he was in Shaykh Rabee’s house, or things similar to this that people are fooled by.

So, the first thing is that a scholar explicitly expresses a recommendation stating that he is upon the Salafee Manhaj and that he has knowledge;

The second way to know is that his state is well known to the scholars and students of knowledge, and that he has well known salafee stances. Likewise, the scholars generally praise him, aid him and help him.

This proves that he is from those who have been teaching and the scholars know about it and have remained silent about him; rather, they have spoken well of him and aided him. This proves, if Allah wills, that he is adhering to the truth.

As for other than these two things that we have mentioned, then beware beware. May Allah bless you. Don’t be fooled, Don’t be fooled by those who have internet forums or by some who possess some of the characteristics that the general people are fooled by.

I say, and I repeat: Those who have internet forums and some of those who have been put to trial may possibly use as a means the mention of Shaykh Rabee’, Shaykh ‘Ubayd,  Shaykh Muqbil al-Waadi’ee, may Allah have mercy on him, Shaykh an-Najmee, Shaykh Bin Baaz and Shaykh al-‘Uthaymeen so that they can lure in the general people; so after they lure them in, they inject the poison into them. (1)

For this reason, I also view that we should ask about these websites, should we visit them or not? Have they been recommended or not? This is because they are spreading a portion of knowledge, so either it is beneficial knowledge or harmful … (2)


(1): [TN]: We find this on platforms such as twitter. A person may follow Bin Baaz, al-‘Uthaymeen, al-Luhaydaan, al-Fawzaan, etc. However, the reality is that their actions contradict their claim to following the methodology of these great scholars.

Examples of contradiction are a lack of giving sincere advice by warning against falsehood they fully recognize, ambiguous stances against those who implement the methodology of the Muslim Brotherhood, their views about Shaykh Rabee’, etc.

You find a clear contrast between them and the major scholars in issues such as these, for example.

(2): Source:

It is Not a Proof That He Studied Under a Salafee Shaikh – Shaikh Ahmad Bazmool

May 12, 2013

Arabic Audio and Written English:



Principles that are obligatory for the Salafee to know (and other audios)

January 10, 2011

Taken from

An excellent audio lecture by Shaikh Ahmad Bazmool in clear Arabic with translation.  A small excerpt from the translation (transcribed by me before I realized it had been transcribed in totality elsewhere).  For a link to the full transcription, see below.

“So the person who has been warned against is to be stayed away from, especially from the students of knowledge whose feet have not been grounded in knowledge.  Why?  This is because in this stage, the person being warned against is between one of two things. The first: that he returns to the truth. And if he does, may Allah reward him.  And the second: that he persist upon his falsehood and does not return. Also during this stage, he sets into the hearts and minds of the youth unclear proofs and principles and he roots into them foundations that make them think that he isn’t an innovator.  And they see him not to have left the manhaj.  Due to this , if the ulama declare him to be an innovator after that, they won’t be pleased because he already planted in their hearts that that which is being said of him is not true. Okay, do they leave him? We say: yes, leave him and stay  away. There is nothing better than being safe and sound and that  your religion is safe.  Alhamdulillah the ulama are present and the Salafee students of knowledge are widespread.  If they cannot be found, then the Salafee tapes and books are around.  Allah didn’t attach the religion to a specific person.  And the religion and truth is ongoing alhamdulillah and it is not related to personalities. Know the truth and you will know its people…..

Also it is incumbant in this principle, just as was mentioned yesterday, not to be overzealous and not to attach the truth to personalities.What is Halabee?  Is he Qur’an? Sunnah? The Salafus Saalih? He is none of that.  If he is guided, then this is for his own benefit. And if he goes astray, then that’s on him.  Because the truth is fixed and doesn’t move.  As for you attaching the truth to just Halabee, if he says something, you say it, and if he refuses, you refuse, and you don’t make your source of return the Quran and Sunnah, this is misguidance.  How is this?  And al Halabee, for example, just like you all know, fell into the error of interfaith services, calling for all religions to be one.  And saying that the middle course Islam which the Prophet – sallallahu alayhe wa sallam – has came with is that which gathers the people on the foundation that they are all human beings.  And not to differ between them or split them. This is the epitome of heresy and disbelief.  Even though this false statement which Halabee fell into, you still find some, or many, or all who follow him from amongst those who love him- and they defend him.  This confirms for you all what has preceeded:  that The student of knowledge that has been warned from – and Halabee is not a scholar – the student of knowledge that has been warned from has to be stayed away from so that one wont fall prey to his fitan.

Due to this, Shaikh an Najmee – rahimahullah  – what did he say? He said: These individuals from Sham are defending the people of innovation and the knowledge isn’t taken from the likes of these people.  What he means is that you wait and stop regarding these individuals. They either will return to the truth, or you leave them.  Do not attach the religion and do not attach the truth that you follow to personalities”

For the complete transcription: and here:


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