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Side Books to the Madinah Series

March 14, 2012

updated 6/29/13

There are 4 semesters or levels in the Madinah series (the Arabic series – a set of over 15 Arabic books – that is taught at the University of Madinah that can be found here: )


The third semester contains half (the first 17 or so chapters) of the chapters found in the large Madinah Book Three that has the English answer key along with it

The fourth semester  includes the second half of Madinah Book Three (that has the English answer key) and other side books


Madinah Book 1 and side books:


Madinah Book 2 and side books:


First half of Madinah Book 3 and side books for the 3rd semester:


Second half of Madinah Book 3 and side books for the 4th semester:


1 – 6 o’clock

April 26, 2010

Taken from the Madinah series, first semester, ta’beer book, chapter 1, exercise 4

التدريب الرابع :

اقرأ: كَمِ السَّاعة ؟

الساعة الواحدة

الساعة الثانية

الساعة الثالثة

الساعة الرابعة

الساعة الخامسة

الساعة السادسة


Present tense, bare, weak end letter 3 of 3

April 26, 2010

Taken from Madinah Book 2 chapter 28


pattern I mu’tallul-laam 3 of 3