The Grand Mufti on 9/11

The Grand Mufti, Shaikh Abdul Azeez aalush Shaikh, on the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks in New York


All praise is due to the Lord of the Worlds, the successful end is for the
pious, and prayers and peace be upon the noblest of Prophets and Messengers, and
upon his family, and his companions. To proceed:

Due to abundant questions and enquiries that have been brought to us
concerning what has happened in the United States of America a few days ago, and
concerning the Sharee’ah position towards it, and whether the religion of Islaam
affirms the likes of these actions or not, I say, seeking aid and assistance
from Allaah, the Unique, the Overpowerer, that Allaah, free is He from all
imperfection, has bestowed upon us the favour of this Islamic religion and has
made it a complete legislation, a perfect and all-inclusive one which is
beneficial for all times, and places and all situations, for all individuals and
groups of individuals. It invites towards rectification and uprightness and
justice and goodness, and also the removal of polytheism, and [removal of] evil,
oppression, injustice and deceit.

And it is from the greatest of favours of Allaah upon us, we the Muslims,
that He has guided us to this religion, and has made us its followers and
helpers. Hence, a Muslim is cultivated by the legislation of Allaah, a follower
of the Sunnah (the way) of the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu alaihi
wasallam), and one who remains upright and steadfast upon this religion – he is
the one who will be the saved Muslim in this life and the Hereafter.

As for what has happened in the United States of America of very dangerous
occurrences, on account of which thousands of souls have passed away, on account
of actions that the Islamic Sharee’ah (legislation) does not sanction, and which
are not from this religion, and these actions do not agree with the spirit and
foundations of the legislation from numerous angles:

The first: Verily, Allaah, free is He from all imperfections, has
commanded justice, and is based upon justice that the Heavens and the Earth
stand (i.e. operate, exist), and it is on account of this justice that the
Messengers were sent and the Books were revealed. Allaah the free from all
imperfections, said, “Verily, Allaah commands with justice and benevolence,
and the giving of near relatives (in charity) and He forbids from obscene and
evil deeds, and oppression. He cautions you, that perchance you may
.” And He also says, “We have indeed sent Messengers with clear
proofs and we have revealed with them, the Book and the Balance, so that the
people may abide by justice
“. And Allaah has judged and decreed that one
soul cannot bear the burden of another soul, this due to the perfection of
Allaah’s justice, free is he from imperfection. He said, “And no bearer of
burdens will bear the burden of another

Indeed, Allaah, free is He from all imperfections has forbidden oppression on
His own self, and He has also declared it forbidden for his servants, as he has
said in the Hadeeth Qudsee, “O My servants, indeed I have forbidden
oppression upon Myself and I have also made it forbidden amongst yourselves,
hence to not oppress each other
“. And this is general for all of the
servants of Allaah, both the Muslims amongst them and the Non-Muslim, and it is
not permissible for any one of them to be unjust to another, and nor for him to
oppress him, even if it is in the presence of hate and dislike. Allaah, free is
He from all imperfections says, “O you who believe. Be of those who stand up
to Allaah, as witnesses of justice. And let not the hatred of a people make you
swerve away from justice towards them. Verily, be just and that is closer to
.” Hence, even hatred and dislike do not permit the commission of
injustice and oppression, from a legislative point of view.

Based upon what has preceded, it is obligatory for all of us to know – both
states and societies, Muslims and Non-Muslims, a number of important matters:

  1. That these matters that have taken place in the United States and whatever
    else is of their nature of plane hijackings and taking people hostage or killing
    innocent people, without a just cause, this is nothing but a manifestation of
    injustice, oppression and tyranny, which the Islamic Sharee’ah does not sanction
    or accept, rather it is expressly forbidden and it is amongst the greatest of
  2. That the Muslim who learns the details of his religion, and who acts upon
    the Book of Allaah and the Sunnah of His Prophet (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam)
    does not allow himself to fall into the likes of these actions, due to what they
    contain of exposing oneself to the wrath of Allaah, and then what results from
    them of harms and corruption (upon the earth). 
  3. It is obligatory upon the Scolars of the Muslim Ummah that they explain the
    truth concerning the likes of these affairs (i.e. terrorist attacks) and that
    they make clear to the world at large that the Sharee’ah of Allaah and the
    religion of Islaam does not sanction these types of actions, ever. 
  4. It is upon the media outlets and whoever is behind them, from amongst those
    who make accusations against the Muslims and who strive to revile this noble and
    upright religion, and describe it with that which it is free from, all in order
    to kindle tribulation and to harm the reputation of Islaam and the Muslims and
    to separate the hearts and constrict the chests – it is obligatory upon them to
    restrain from this misguidance and to realise that every sane and just person
    knows of the details of Islaam, and knows that it is not possible for him to
    describe it with these descriptions, and that he cannot make these types of
    accusations against it, this is because on account of the passing of history,
    the nations have not known the followers of this religion, and its adherents
    except to be those who fulfil their rights (due to others) and their absence of
    injustice and oppression.

And what has preceded is in explanation of the truth and to remove any
confusion, and I ask Allaah that he inspires us with that which contains our
guidance, that he guides us to the ways of Islaam, and that He strengthens His
religion and makes high His word, indeed He is the Most Kind, the Most Generous,
and prayers and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad, and upon his family and all
his companions.

The Grand Mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
President of the
Committee of Major Scholars and the Centre for Knowledge Based Research and

‘Abdul-Azeez bin Abdullaa bin Muhammad Aal ash-Shaikh


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