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Listening to Quran at bedtime to remove anxiety

May 4, 2015

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Question: I sometimes feel afraid when I sleep by myself in a room or in my room. I feel compelled to play the Quran because I am able to sleep upon hearing its verses. Is this permissible?

Answer (by Shaikh Bin Baz): I do not know of anything wrong with this. Because the Quran is the companion of the Believer. And it is the remembrance of Allaah, The Mighty and Majestic. Listening to it is worship. So when a person needs to listen to it to remove anxiety or to put his heart at ease, then there is no problem with that. Alhamdulillah.

Shaikh Bin Baz: “I don’t like to be praised…”

April 22, 2015

قال الشيخ ربيع

وأتذكر مرة أن أحد العلماء المصريين أثنى على

الشيخ ابن باز ثناءً يستحقه

واعترض على هذا الثناء الشيخ ابنُ حميد رحمه الله وقال

أنت أثنيت علي الشيخ في وجهه وما كان ينبغي

فقد قَصَمْتَ ظهر الشيخ

فقال الشيخ معلقًا وكان مختنقًا بالبكاء

والله إني يعلم الله لا أحب المدحَ ظاهرًا ولا باطنًا

من ص 6 من الكتاب: الفرقة الناجية أصولها وعقائدها

Shaikh Rabee said:

I remember once that one of the scholars of Egypt

praised Shaikh Bin Baz – praise that he deserved

Shaikh Bin Humaid objected to this praise

(i.e. he objected to someone being praised to their face)

(we ask that) Allaah have mercy upon him –

and he (Shaikh Ibn Humaid) said:

You have praised the Shaikh to his face and

this was not befitting;

you have broken the Shaikh’s back.

So Shaikh Bin Baz commented on that

while choking back tears by saying:

By Allaah, Indeed Allaah knows

that I don’t like to be praised,

neither to my face nor behind my back”

From p.6 of the book:

The Saved Sect: Its Principles and its Beliefs