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The meeting between ibn Ladin and the Scholar from Mali

August 30, 2014


This is a summary translation of an extract of Shaikh Abdullah Bukhari’s speech in which he recounted a meeting between one of his teachers – The illustrious scholar from Mali Hammaad al Ansaree – rahimahullah – and the extremist, the terrorist, Osama ibn Ladin. Taken from:

(This recounting starts about halfway down the page)

I mention to you (what happened) in the year 1407 (1986 CE) after the Hijrah, that this one (Osama bin Ladin) came to our Shaikh, Shaikh Hammaad al-Ansaaree – rahimahullah at his house which was in the area which we know – the street of al-a’madah – the Shaikh’s old house. And I was there in the library of the Shaikh with him along with some other people. So this one (ibn Ladin) entered and with him were two other people. He said, “O Shaikh! I want to speak.”

Shaikh Hammaad said, “Who are you?”

He said, “I am Osama ibn Ladin”

The Shaikh didn’t know him. He had no idea who he was.

Shaikh Hammaad said, “What do you want”

Ibn Ladin said, “I want to speak.”

Shaikh Hammaad said, “Say what you like.”

Ibn Ladin said, “O Shaikh! We read in the biographies of the Scholars that one would, for example, fight in the path of Allaah in this battle. And that he did this and that and he fought in the path of Allaah. So who is like this! Upon examination, this speech is false. This can not be said in the biography of every Imaam, right?

This (fighting in the path of Allaah) was done by some of them, but not all of them….But we find nowadays that the Scholars do not even fire one bullet in the path of Allaah!”

Shaikh Hammaad didn’t let him finish. He silenced him and said to him, “Who told you that?! Who told you that?! Every day we are firing numerous bullets: bullets of knowledge! Everyday we are firing numerous bullets: bullets of knowledge! So where are you getting this speech of yours (that the Scholars nowadays do not fight or do not fire bullets in the path of Allaah)?”

Of course, Ibn Ladin was unable to reply so he sought his permission to leave and then left.


Warning from ISIS, ISIL, Boko Haram and all terrorist groups

August 30, 2014

The Scholars of Ahlus Sunnah are continually warning against extremism, terrorism, and terrorists. These are just a few of the more recent warning:

Refutations of Tahir Wyatt

August 1, 2014


Firstly, at the below link is what Shaikh Muhammad ibn Haadee said about ( which Tahir Wyatt is a part of) 4 years ago:

Shaikh Rabee on Tahir Wyatt 3 years ago:

“After I studied this matter, I found that he (i.e. Tahir Wyatt) was refuting Salafees in the West and harming them, and he would accompany those who were splitting the ranks of the Salafees. And recently some articles have been posted on Kulasalafiyyeen[1] relating to this matter. These things are an indication of something. The next matter is that he refused to speak about Abul-Hasan al-Ma`ribee, but his soul allows him to rebuke Salafees. How is it easy for him to attack Salafees here and there and he finds it difficult to speak a word of truth about Abul-Hasan al-Ma`ribee.  If he (i.e. Tahir Wyatt) was a Salafee, then this would not be his condition.

Under the advice of some of the Scholars, 3 years ago, some students wrote a comprehensive response to Tahir Wyatt, Muhammad Akhtar Chaudry, and Nadir Ahmed unveiling the reality of and fatwa-online (most articles can be downloaded at this link):

2 years ago Shaikh Rabee said:

You mentioned in your speech that you have stopped dealing with Tahir Wyatt and I urge you to continue upon this until he clarifies with a clear, satisfactory clarification (bayaan) the Islamic, Salafee position on Abul Hasan (al Maribi) and Ali Hasan (al Halabee). And he clarifies their misguidance and their fitnah and their oppositions to the Salafi manhaj. And if he does not do this, and if he does not clarify, then do not accept him”

More recently, the student Abu Hafsah Khashif Khan on Tahir Wyatt:

And most recently, is this rebuttal of Tahir Wyatt’s lame defense of his recent actions: