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Childrens’ Arabic Books

March 21, 2010

The following books taken from



Book of Countries


Various stories:

This link (above) will help with learning to read arabic scribble.  The arabic scribble uses words you have already read, making it relatively easy to read

Forty Hadeeth an-Nawawee

March 15, 2010




الأربعين النووي





The Arabic Text with English Translation (Written)





Audio of the text (Arabic)


(from: )





English Explanation



by the student Saalih as-Saalih – rahimahullah and others (from the works of the scholars):





Explanation from the works of Shaikh Uthaymeen and


Shaikh Saalih Aalush Shaikh:



















Nullifiers of Islam

March 15, 2010

نواقض الإسلام

Arabic matn:  nullifiers of Islam arabic matn



Sharh of Shaikh ar Raajihee (English) : nullifierssharh_raajihee



Audio from








Three Principles

March 15, 2010




ثلاثة الأصول



The Arabic Text (Written)







An Audio from




English Explanation



Explanation by Shaikh Fawzaan (which includes the Arabic text of The Three Principles and translation) translated into English – Audio and written:




Questions based on Shaikh Fawzaan’s explanation:


Also here:







I also recommend buying Shaikh Uthaymeen’s explanation translated by Abu Talhah Dawood bin Ronald Burbank that can be found at (in the store)

And I recommend buying Shaikh Ubaid  al Jaabiree’s explanation (translated).

(this should also be in the store)









al Qawaaid al Arba’ah (Four Principles)

March 14, 2010

القواعد الأربعة


The Arabic Text (Written)


The following is an Arabic text with large writing:

AlQawaidul Arba’a (biharakaat)



The English Translation (Written)


The following is an English translation of the text taken from spubs




Audio of the text (Arabic)


The following is an audio of the text (in 3 parts) from arabicfirst:


The following is an audio of the text from sahab:




English Explanations


To read Shaikh Saalih Fawzaan’s explanation (translated) of The Four Principles, go to spubs , click on Tawheed, click on Readings in the Four Principles (bottom of topics)



Study Guide


About the Four Principles Study Guide:


Four Principles Study Guide: