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Audio Explanations of the Works of the Scholars – Shaikh Muhammad Amaan al Jaamee

June 13, 2013


Shaikh Muhammad Amaan al Jaamee’s Audio Shurooh

As well as other lectures

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Below are the links for his explanation of Shaikh Uthaymeen’s:

Exemplary Principles Concerning the Names and Attributes of Allah

الشريط الأول

الشريط الثاني

الشريط الثالث

الشريط الرابع

الشريط الخامس

الشريط السادس

الشريط السابع

الشريط الثامن

الشريط التاسع

الشريط العاشر

الشريط الحادي عشر

الشريط الثاني عشر

الشريط الثالث عشر

الشريط الرابع عشر

الشريط الخامس عشر


Aqeedah Tahawiyyah

April 29, 2010

عقيدة الطحاوية

Aqeedatu Tahaawiyyah english


Audio (from ):

On Youtube (Audio and written in Arabic):



Brief Explanation by Shaikh Fawzaan with the Arabic text and some questions (different than what is on salafitalk):…/AQD040007.pdf


Audio Explanation from the Works of Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan & Shaykh Saalih Aal ash-Shaykh


Translated By Abu ‘Iyaad Amjad Rafiq:


Shaikh Fawzaan’s Explanation (Arabic text and translation by the late student Abu Talhah Dawood Burbank )


Questions and Answers based on Shaikh Fawzaan’s explanation:


Brief Notes on the Explanation of al-Aqidah al-Tahaawiyyah: Part 1 – Introduction :


Concerning the Saying of Imaam at-Tahawi (d. 321H): ‘The Six Directions Do Not Contain Him’ And a Decisive Confutation of the Jahmites :